100+ Home Organization Tips to Create a Super Tidy House

Home organization doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Organize every room in your house with these practical and beautiful tips and tricks that will have your spaces tidy in no time!

How to Organize Every Single Room of the House

Home organization can be tough, y’all! We all want to be organized. We pin all of the organizing pins. And we dream about what life will be like when we finally get organized.

But actually knocking out those organizing projects? That can be a little trickier.

I thought it might be helpful if I pulled all of my favorite home organization tips and posts into one mega blog post so we can easily find the ideas and motivation to get going on those projects we’ve been wanting to tackle!

Home Organization Ideas for Every Room of the House

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To make it a little easier, I divided up the tips and projects by room, so you can click the links below to be taken to the space that you most want to tackle:

Ready to jump into the home organization tips? Let’s go!

Home Organization in the Entryway

Keeping the entryway organized is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the house. Having an organized entry lets you get out the door more quickly. It also feels great to be met by a tidy space when you first walk into your house!

Here are some ways to get your entryway organized and keep it that way…

(Click on any of the photos or links in the descriptions to learn more about a particular project.)

Organized Coat Closet in a Mudroom Entryway

Add a simple closet system to maximize your coat closet space.

The addition of a few extra shelves and baskets or an additional rail can really help the closet feel less cluttered and more organized.

Mudroom Built-ins with Jackets on Hooks

Install a few wall hooks for to easily hang jackets.

The easier it is for family members to hang up their gear, the more likely they’ll be to do it. Hooks will often have a greater success rate than hangers.

Mudroom Built-ins in an Entry

Create built-ins in an unused space to add storage.

An otherwise bare nook can become a helpful storage spot with the addition of a few drawers and hooks. And it looks pretty too!

Mini Mudroom for Organizing Coats and Bookbags

Don’t be afraid to re-imagine your space.

We turned this shallow former pantry into a mini-mudroom, with lower hooks for the kids so they could hang their own gear.

Command Center Gallery Wall in an Organized Mudroom Entryway

Have a designated in/out box for paperwork and action items.

Having a central location for papers, rather than leaving them scattered all around the house, makes it easier to process them in a timely manner. It also cuts down on clutter!

Entry Command Center

Create a command center to keep track of important info and events.

Include a calendar, announcement board, inbox, office supplies, and any other items you reach for often.

Small Entryway in a Townhouse

Go vertical in the entry to make the most of your space.

Even if you only have a tiny entry area, a basket for shoes, a bench for seating, and a few hooks can help keep the space neat and tidy.

Organized Pool Bag

Keep an organized pool bag ready to go in the summer months.

Having a pre-packed bag when we go to the pool helps me make sure I always have everything I need! Here’s what you should include.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, as they say, and time spent in this space is so much more enjoyable when it’s organized!

Whether you want to organize your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, or all three, the tips and tricks below can help.

Kitchen Gadgets Organized in a Drawer

Streamline kitchen gadgets, only keeping the ones you absolutely need.

A pretty drawer liner + a fun divider keeps the gadget drawer pretty and organized at the same time!

Organized Cabinet in a White IKEA Kitchen

Start with the “have-tos,” especially in a small kitchen.

Sometimes there are larger items that will only fit in one spot. Place those items first, then begin organizing everything else. Get more tips for organizing a small kitchen here.

White Kitchen Organized

Declutter the kitchen cabinets step by step with our free decluttering guide.

With only one small assignment every other day, it’s easy to make time to declutter. By the end of the month, you’ll have the organized kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!

Organized Kitchen Pantry

Our free pantry decluttering guide walks you through the process step by step.

In just a few minutes per day, we can take our pantry from cluttered and messy to neat, tidy, and organized!

Water bottles in a wine bottle holder

Use a wine rack to store water bottles.

I was tired of my water bottles falling over all the time. Storing them on their sides has been a total game changer! Get more pantry organization tips here.

Organized Pantry Containers

Decant dry goods into matching clear containers.

You can easily see when you need to get more supplies, and your pantry will have a beautiful, streamlined look. Bonus points if you add labels!

Organized Refrigerator Large

Divide your refrigerator by zones.

Keeping like food items together makes them easier to find and helps minimize food waste.

Organized Refrigerator Small

Use containment sparingly in the refrigerator.

A well-chosen bin here and there can be helpful, but too many extra containers limits the flexibility of the space and adds clutter. Get more tricks for organizing a small refrigerator here.

Acrylic Stacked Drawers with Vinyl Labels

Use stacking drawers under the kitchen sink to maximize vertical space.

Keep the area under the sink organized by dividing like items into containers. Sponges in one drawer, Magic Erasers in another drawer, dishcloths in a third drawer, etc.

Organized Coffee Cabinet

Create a coffee station to keep all of your supplies easily accessible in the same place.

Use stacking open-front bins and shelf organizers to help make the most of cabinet space.

Organized Tupperware Containers

File the lids of food storage containers vertically in a bin to keep them organized.

And when possible, choose food storage containers that are all the same type so they nest neatly inside one another.

Organized Kids' Dishes

When possible, keep kids’ dishes down low so they can reach them on their own.

Corral them in a bin to keep items from falling over or getting spread out and making a mess.

Organized Junk Drawer

Set up an organized “junk drawer” to keep essential office supplies close by.

Divided containers can help to keep each type of item in its place.

Upcycled Kitchen Sideboard

Upcycle a piece of furniture to create a DIY kitchen sideboard.

Even a small piece can add extra storage space and provide an additional surface for food prep.

DIY Trash Cabinet

Hide the trash can with a DIY tilt-out trash cabinet.

Using a cabinet door that matches the rest of your kitchen will help it to blend in seamlessly.

Clean Quartz Countertops

Learn the most effective way to clean your countertops.

Making the counters nice and shiny will be an excellent incentive to keep them free of clutter.

Organized Recipe Binder

Put together a recipe binder to save all of your favorite recipes in one place.

You can grab our free recipe binder printables in this post!

Recipe Cards

Or maybe a box with recipe cards is more your style?

We have those too! Snag our free printable recipe cards here.


If you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen, IKEA SEKTION cabinets have tons of built-in organizing features.

From a “drawer within a drawer” option to maximize space to perfectly fitting dividers and more, they really thought of everything!

Living Room

It’s a lot easier to kick back and relax in our living room when it’s neat and tidy!

Don’t miss these home organization ideas for the living room / family room area…

Organized Living Room

Declutter the living room the easy way with our free printable guide!

The guide is so simple and walks you through the whole process step by step! Snag it here!

Organized DVDs

Store DVDs with the titles always facing out so you can find what you need at a glance.

Keep DVDs and video games from falling over by corralling them in a simple bin or using bookends.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Keep your wood floors clean and shiny with this easy method.

We use two simple tools to keep our wood floors clean, and they are just as shiny as the day we moved in!

Picture Hanging Kit

Put together an organized picture hanging kit.

Assemble the kit once, and then every time you need to hang something in your home, you can just grab it and go! Here’s what you’ll want to include in your picture hanging kit.

Home Organization in the Dining Room

We’ll be a lot more likely to entertain and mingle in the dining room if it is organized and ready to go for family and guests!

These tips and tricks can help that happen…

Organized Dining Room Drawer

File fold tablecloths, runners, and placemats to maximize space in your drawers.

File folding also allows you to see everything at a glance so you can quickly find the textiles you’re looking for!

Organized Dining Room

Use our dining room decluttering calendar to whip your space into shape.

Your dining room with be organized and ready for hosting in no time!

Organized China Cabinet

Choose the perfect storage pieces for your dining room space.

Whether you’re looking for a sideboard, buffet, or china cabinet, this post has ideas for all of them!

Home Office

Organizing our home office can make us more efficient and help us actually enjoy doing our work!

This can be a tricky area of home organization for sure. See the tips below for help with organizing office supplies, paperwork, books, email, and more.

Organized Desk in Home Office

Give every item a designated home. (And put things back in their homes after use!)

See how I created a spot for everything in my organized home office (even after starting with zero storage)!

Pegboard in Organized Home Office

Instead of a side table, consider a pegboard + shelf!

Cups, hooks, and small surfaces can be added to the pegboard to create storage spots for everything you want to keep close by.

Bookshelf with Office Items

Use a combination of open shelving + pretty bins to store your office items.

Open shelving creates a pretty display. Bins allow unsightly items to be tucked away. They’re a perfect pair!

Desk Organizer

Corral desktop items with a pretty organizer.

In my organizer, I keep a notebook, a journal, cute notes to remind me to send some encouragement, and a clipboard that I reach for surprisingly often.

Home Office Organized with IKEA PAX Storage Unit

Is your office closet-less? Add some functional and beautiful storage with the IKEA PAX system.

We even added trim to the top of our PAX unit to give it more of a built-in look!

Wrapping Paper Organized in a White Trash Can

Take a tour of my organized PAX cupboards.

Shelves and drawers and hangers and more! Get inspiration for your own office storage area and see how I organized my PAX unit to store my decor and office supplies.

IKEA BESTA Storage Unit Organized

Create a storage unit that’s perfect for your space with IKEA’s BESTA system.

It can be hard to find the perfect piece to store your items. The BESTA system lets you customize the size and style so you get exactly what you need. (Again, we added our own trim to make it a little fancier!)

Elfa System in Organized Home Office

Go vertical with wall shelves.

The Elfa system from The Container Store can add some serious storage to a space, with options for shelving, drawers, pegboards, and more.

Organized Craft Room Closet

Upgrade shelving in an existing closet.

Maximize your storage space by adding multiple rows of shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and more within a closet. (This closet uses IKEA’s ALGOT system.)

Organized Pegboard

Upcycle a pegboard to store supplies.

This pegboard was old and worn out, but with a fresh coat of paint and some quick trim work, it became the perfect organizational tool.

Bookshelves with Crown Molding

Add crown molding to plain bookshelves.

A simple detail like crown molding can take bookshelves from “blah” to beautiful!

Bookshelf with Wrapping Paper Backing

Bring in a pop of color with a wrapping paper backing.

Organization is better when it’s pretty too! Attaching wrapping paper to the back of a bookshelf is an easy way to add personality and fun.

Gift Wrap Organization

Use an adhesive hook to hang large gift bags from the side of a storage unit.

Tall bins (or even tall trash cans) are great for corralling rolls of gift wrap.

Vinyl Roll Organization

Store vinyl rolls upright, divided in containers by type.

If you are a Silhouette or Cricut crafter, organizing your vinyl can be a total game changer!

Organized Books

Free up space by decluttering your books with the KonMari Method.

Keep only those titles that you love and/or refer to often.

Paper Scanner and Computer in Organized Office

Eliminate paper clutter by going paperless.

Set up a digital filing cabinet in Evernote and have all of your documents right at your fingertips.

Woman sorting through paperwork

Use the KonMari Method to create an organizing system for your paperwork.

Say goodbye to overloaded filing cabinets and stacks of papers everywhere!

Computer on Desk

Strive for “inbox zero” with your email inbox each night.

These helpful tips can get you there more easily than you’d think!

Reading Corner in Organized Home Office

Follow these steps when planning your home office organizing project.

Getting organized doesn’t have to be overwhelming! This simple formula will help you create the home office you’ve been dreaming of.


Getting ready in the morning will be a snap when the bathroom is tidy!

Use these tips and tricks to make the most of your bathroom space…

Organized Hair Items in Bathroom Drawer

Divide up deep-but-narrow drawers with organizers to keep every item in its place.

Square bins are helpful for corralling taller tubes and sprays.

Under the Sink in Organized Bathroom

Use a caddy for cleaning supplies so they can be easily carried to wherever they’re needed.

Stacking bins work well for maximizing vertical space.

Stacked Drawers in Organized Bathroom

Choose stacking drawers over stacking lidded containers.

It makes it easier to access items without having to unstack and re-stack bins every time.

Organized Boxes with Printable Labels

Organize for free by wrapping shoe boxes in pretty paper.

Add a simple printed label for a final perfect touch.

Organized Master Bathroom

Grab our free bathroom decluttering calendar!

Declutter and organize your bathrooms in just a few minutes per day.

Linen Closet with Towels and Medications

Store medications in a closet or cabinet outside of the bathroom space.

The humidity in the bathroom can hinder the effectiveness of the medications.

Small, Organized Linen Closet in a Laundry Room

Create sturdier storage in the linen closet by making these simple wooden covers to go over the wire shelves.

They’re really functional and they look prettier too!

Aqua, Gray, and White Powder Room with Brass Fixtures

Add storage in a small half bathroom by replacing the pedestal sink with a beautiful vanity cabinet.

It’s an easy swap that provides some much needed hidden storage!


Our bedroom should be our sanctuary, but when it’s a mess, it doesn’t really feel all that relaxing, right?

Tidy up the bedroom in a snap with these home organization strategies…

Drawer with File Fold Clothing, KonMari Method

File fold clothing to make the most of drawer space.

This method, also known as the KonMari Method, allows you to see every item in your drawer so you can easily grab what you need.

Empty Closet System, Organized Master Closet

Design a custom closet system to maximize space in your closet.

It’s easier than you think to create a closet system that uses the space efficiently!

Man installing closet system

Save money by installing your closet system yourself!

This DIY project will keep on giving for years and years to come.

Closet system with built in ironing board

Install a folding ironing board that can hide behind a drawer front.

Iron right in your closet, without the ironing board taking up tons of extra space!

IKEA ALGOT Closet Organized Master Closet

Maximize space in a small clothes closet by adding extra, shelves, rails, and shoe organizers.

The closet in this photo was created with IKEA’s ALGOT system.

Decluttering Clothes

Use our free printable clothes decluttering calendar to clear out each category of clothing!

Your closet and drawers will be tidied up in no time!

Organized Suitcase with Packing Cubes

Use packing cubes to stay organized when you travel.

They can save space in your suitcase and keep you organized once you reach your destination as well.

Organized Makeup

Use a spice rack hung on the wall to keep makeup organized.

It keeps everything tidy and easily accessible.

DIY Charging Station in Nightstand Drawer

Create a DIY charging station in your nightstand.

Keep all of your cables neat and tidy and make sure your devices never run out of battery!

Kids’ Bedroom

Oh yes, even the kids’ bedrooms can be organized!

Here are some tips for making it a little easier (even when kids are sharing a room)!

Kids' Bedroom with Hooks and Storage Pockets on the Wall

Use the walls for extra storage by adding hooks or wall pockets.

Kids will be able to put their items away more easily.

Organized Kids' Closet

Add a second rail to a kids’ closet to put clothes within easy reach.

It also helps make more room in a shared kids’ closet.

Bunk Beds in a Shared Kids' Room

Choose bunk beds in a shared kids’ space to open up more room for other items.

(Plus, they’re just really fun! 🙂 )


Keep hand-me-downs divided by size, and make sure they’re clearly labeled.

If possible, keep hand-me-downs on the same level of the house as the kids’ rooms so that it’s easier to swap out clothing.

Home Organization in the Playroom

Toys may very well be the toughest area of home organization. We give ourselves a lot of grace in the playroom, that’s for sure!

After years of testing out different toy organization strategies in the playroom, these are the ones we’ve found that have worked best for us…

Organized Art Station in a Playroom

Create an art station using a simple desk, pegboards, and two cube towers for storage.

Pegboards are great for displaying kids’ artwork and holding containers for art supplies.

Rolling Cart with Art Supplies

Use a rolling cart to hold art supplies.

Rolling carts are especially great for small spaces because they can easily be moved out of the way or taken wherever they’re needed in the house.

Toys organized in IKEA KALLAX storage unit

Cube units are great for toy organization!

Organize toys by type in bins or on shelves. IKEA’s KALLAX cube unit even has inserts to create cabinets and drawers.

Kids' Paperwork Organized in Photo Books

Organize kids’ paperwork by creating small photo books.

You’ll have less paper clutter in your house, and the photo books are much easier to look through than files or stacks of papers.

Organized Craft Corner

In a smaller toy area, use vertical space on the wall to organize craft supplies.

Magazine racks are great for coloring books and paper. Cups on a rail work well for crayons and markers. And pictures can be displayed on clipboards on the wall.

Art Supplies in Cabinet

Create a portable art station on the opposite level of the house from the playroom.

This ensures that basic craft supplies are easily accessible without having to drag them up and down the stairs all the time.

Big Toys Organized Playroom

Get big toys up off the floor.

The less toys that are permanently stored on the floor, the tidier the playroom space will feel.

Organized LEGO Closet

Use the playroom closet to display finished LEGO sets.

This allows the kiddos to enjoy their creations and also keeps them safely tucked out of the way.

LEGO Organization

Create a LEGO table on top of the bins where the bricks are stored.

Kids can easily access their LEGO collection and have a play surface right there. This also helps keep the bricks from traveling all over the house.

Organized LEGO Manuals

Use a file box with hanging folders to organize LEGO instruction manuals.

Divide up manuals by type so your master builders can easily find the one they’re looking for.

Personalized Tote Bags

Corral supplies for sports or activities in a DIY custom tote bag.

When everything is together in one spot, it’s easier to get out the door for practice!

Toy Bin and Coloring Books

Use our free printable toy decluttering calendar to declutter your play area!

Yes, organizing toys is tricky, but it’s not impossible!

Organized Large Toys

Do a thorough toy decluttering session right before Christmas.

This will make space for new toys. And kids will be more likely to let go of things because they know they’re getting new toys soon.

Smiling family in a field

Need help getting the other members of your household on board with organization?

In this post, Donnie and our boys spill what helps get them motivated to organize!

Storage Spaces – Basements, Garages, Attics, Etc.

I never thought that it was all that important to organize storage spaces. But then we organized our garage and our basement, and it was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for our home organization!

We can park both cars in the garage. We can find everything we need anytime we need it. And we don’t have a bunch of useless junk lying around. We can actually use our storage spaces to their greatest potential since they are neat and tidy.

Here are the biggest things we’ve learned about organizing storage spaces…

Organized Bins in Garage

Use opaque storage bins to organize the garage.

They hide unsightly items and can bring in a pretty pop of color too!

Bikes Hanging on Track System in Organized Garage

Use a track system to organize large or awkwardly shaped items.

It gets them up off the floor, helping the storage space to stay tidier.

Organized Lawn Care Items in Garage

Choose the right storage pieces for maximizing space in your garage or storage area.

This post lays out which types of storage systems are best for different types of spaces.

Organized Boots in Garage

Get our free garage organization planning guide to help your garage project run smoothly!

Learn how to go through the organizing process in a garage step by step.

Organized hockey gear

Create a designated drop spot for smelly sports gear in the garage.

This keeps it out of the main part of the house and lets it air out between practices.

Organized Wood Trim

Add wall brackets to keep trim pieces and scrap wood organized in the basement or workshop.

This makes it easy to find the pieces you’re looking for. You’ll also know when it’s time to restock.

Organized Tools

Organize tools by type so you can easily locate what you need for each job.

This post lists all of our favorite tool storage systems that we use in our own workshop.

Organized Paint Supplies

Use small bins to help keep paint supplies organized.

Store paint by type so it’s easy to locate the color you’re looking for.

Organized Christmas Bins

Clear storage totes work well for organizing holiday decor.

Since they’re see through, it’s easy to tell what’s inside each one.

Organized Sentimental Items

Decide on a certain amount of space for storing sentimental items.

Then try to limit the amount you keep to just that space, decluttering anything that isn’t truly special or meaningful.

Tidy Garage

Don’t make these organizing mistakes in your storage space!

This post tells you what to avoid if you want to keep your garage, basement, attic, or other storage space organized.

Laundry Room

Getting into a solid laundry routine can really help home life run more smoothly!

Here’s the simple way we knock out the laundry in our house…

Laundry Organization

Whether it’s one load a day or knocking it all out on the weekend, find your ideal laundry routine and stick to it!

Consistency is key to staying on top of the laundry piles!

Small, Organized Laundry Room

Maximize storage space in a small laundry room by adding cabinets in place of wire shelves.

Cabinets also provide a tidy look by hiding all of the laundry necessities out of sight!

Labels for Home Organization

And finally, I realize this isn’t a specific room in the house, but I really love to use labels for home organization, so I couldn’t leave them out!

I have made pretty labels in several different ways over the years, and you can get tutorials for all of them below…

Printable Labels

Make labels in Microsoft Word.

Toy Bins with Labels

Learn how to make labels with Canva.com.

Bins with Vinyl Labels

Learn how to make labels with a Cricut cutting machine.

Vinyl labels on pantry containers

Make labels with a Silhouette cutting machine.

Labeled Boxes

Learn how to use labels effectively to organize every room of the house.

Whew! So those are my most favorite home organization strategies for every room of the house!

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list, so let me know your favorite organizing tips in the comments below!

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How to Meticulously Organize Every Room of the House

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

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100 Brilliant Organizing Ideas for Every Room of the House
100 Brilliant Home Organization Ideas


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