5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids’ Room

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Hey there, friends! I recently revamped the Cs’ shared room a little bit, so today I thought I’d talk about the steps I took to make the most of their not-so-huge space.

Pegboards with Art Displayed

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1. Make a plan.

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

When we first started dreaming and scheming about the boys’ shared space, I knew it would have to be multi-functional. They had to have room to sleep, of course, along with clothes storage. We wanted to keep some toys in their room, have a spot for creating, and we also needed room to store their hand-me-downs. It was kind of a tall order for an 11′ x 10′ space that would house two little people.

So instead of just going out and buying whatever furniture and storage pieces caught our eye, we made a plan for how we would squeeze in all of the functional elements and still have a fun space for our boys.

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

2. Use vertical space.

A big part of our plan involved making the most of the vertical space in the room. Bunk beds were an obvious choice, but we also used a vertical unit to store toys…

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Donnie had actually made this ladder shelf for his dorm room when we were in college– I bet he never thought it would end up as a storage unit for his kids’ toys!

The Cs’ craft area also makes the most of vertical space…

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Fortunately, Connor is tall and can reach up pretty high and is also willing to help little Caleb grab what he needs. 🙂

3. Get creative with the closet.

The closet was another area where we knew we had to use every possible inch. We had two dressers to fit into the room, so one of them went in the closet, where it fit perfectly underneath the boys’ hanging clothes.

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Hand-me-downs are stored in the back of the closet, and we decided to use pull-out drawers to give us easier access to things whenever we needed them (as opposed to stacking bins, which we would have to unstack and bring out of the closet to get something).

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

4. Corral and label.

I love, love, love all types of bins and storage containers, especially when it comes to toys. It’s so much easier to keep sets together when they each have their own designated spot rather than one big toy box where everything gets jumbled up and lost.

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Equal to my love for bins is my love for labels! Just about anything will get a label if it sits still long enough at our house. 🙂

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

For the 1-2-3 bins, I designed labels on the computer, printed and laminated them, then punched a hole and hung them from the bins with ribbon. The plastic bins are labeled with adhesive vinyl lettering that I cut with my Silhouette machine. With individual bins + labels, the Cs know exactly where everything goes at clean-up time, and if they’re in the mood to play with a certain toy, it’s easy to pluck the correct bin off the shelf and have at it!

5. Purge often.

Finally, clutter will make a shared space feel crowded really fast, so I am constantly purging the boys’ items to get rid of broken toys, clothes they have grown out of, worn out craft supplies, etc. By keeping only the things that are 1. in good shape and 2. used on a regular basis, we are able to keep the room clutter-free and manageable for the Cs when it’s time to clean up.

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

It is totally possible to get a lot of function out of a small, shared kids’ room! The Cs love sharing a space– when we’ve asked them if they’d prefer to have their own, they always say, “No way!” and tell us they want to stay together. Following the steps I shared above really helps us to make their room a fun, comfortable space for both of them.

5 Ways to Maximize Space in a Shared Kids' Room | Just a Girl and Her Blog

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Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. What?! Boy Mom Madness? I am SO EXCITED about this series!!! I have 2 little boys so this is perfect! They each have their own room right now, but I’ve been thinking about having them share when the little one is ready to be out of his crib. I didn’t think it was possible as the room they would share is very small, but you’ve given me some awesome ideas. Amazing as always, Abby!

  2. Traci @ Beneath My Heart says:

    GREAT tips, Abby! Your boys’ room is adorable, and so are your boys! 🙂

  3. Amanda @ Dixie Delights says:

    As always, you have the best tips! I have been a long admirer of their room. xoxo

  4. Love the tips for the space! We can all use them – shared by two littles, or just one! The basket organization labels are too cute! xx, b @ being-blanca.com

  5. This looks great! As a mother of two boys I’m anxious to see all of the posts!

  6. kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor says:

    I seriously love everything about this room, Abby! It’s so well decorated and organized…and it looks like a room any child would feel comfortable to be able to sleep, play, create in! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  7. Absolutely love the little car labels! So cute! I tend to forget that labels don’t have to be boring!

  8. Great tips! I love the art area and the buckets for organizing the different supplies.

  9. Krista @ the happy housie says:

    Great tips Abby! I love how your boys room turned out- and it is so clean and organized looking. The tip about purging often is perfect – my boys can be “collectors” and every now and then I have to go in and do a little reconnaissance work to take care of bits and pieces:)

  10. Emily, Our house now a home says:

    Bins, baskets, boxes! Those are the secret to my success of helping control the chaos in boy’s bedroom. They have them in shelves, on the floor, under a table. All have designated things that go in them. My oldest boy loves organizing it all. My youngest, the wild child just throws them in whichever one is closest. Which causes a fight for dominance. That is a whole other issue. But, my boy’s love sharing a room, and my daughter often sleeps in with them because she feels left out. Your boy’s bedroom is adorable, I love all of the bright colors in it.

  11. Hi Abby! I just love your boys’ room! I know you mentioned Donnie built the shelf when you were in college, does he remember how? Or where to find plans ?? We’re moving soon and I’ve wanted a shelf like that for years!
    Absolutely beautiful

  12. These tips are so helpful. We live in a small apartment in NYC where my little ones share a room. I just discovered your site today and love it. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      So glad it was helpful! Happy Monday! 🙂

      ~Abby =)

  13. Tamara Foret says:

    I have been passionate about decorating and organizing since I was little. My boys room though, not so much! They are teens and there is just too much in a small room. 2 desks, beds, toys, uggg

    1. justagirlabby says:

      I totally understand! Organizing a small space can be tricky for sure!

      ~Abby =)

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