Quick and Simple Vinyl Roll Storage and Organization

This quick and simple (and pretty!) vinyl roll storage idea will help you organize your craft vinyl in no time!

Quick and Simple Vinyl Roll Storage

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I started crafting with a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine years ago. I love to make labels for organizing our home, personalized gifts for friends and family, DIY wall art, t-shirts, and more.

Recently, I had gotten to a point where I wasn’t using my machine all that often anymore and my projects had died down. But THEN Cricut was kind enough to let me try out their Explore Air 2, and it seemed to renew my excitement for vinyl projects. I’m now doing multiple projects a week with my new machine! (Like these labels and this sign and these cute bags!)

Along with more projects comes more project materials! I use rolls of vinyl for both adhesive and iron-on projects, and my storage area was overflowing.

I used to keep all of my vinyl rolls in this one bin…

Vinyl roll storage in wire bin

…but I soon ran out of space and grabbed a second basket to hold the overflow…

Messy vinyl roll storage

When my second basket began to overflow, I knew it was time to come up with a better vinyl roll storage solution.

I decided to rearrange some things in my office to make room for more efficient vinyl roll storage, and here’s what I came up with…

Vinyl Roll Storage in an Organized Craft Room

Step 1- Gather Supplies

Here’s what I used to organize my vinyl and other Silhouette/Cricut supplies:

4 large acrylic bins

1 small acrylic bin

this narrow acrylic bin and this narrow acrylic bin

my IKEA BESTA storage unit

Silhouette and/or Cricut cutting machine

adhesive vinyl for labels

IKEA BESTA storage unit used for vinyl roll storage

Step 2- Remove and Sort

I like to start any organizing project by removing the items from the space and sorting them into like categories so I can see exactly what I’m working with.

Vinyl Rolls Divided by Type

I ended up with a bunch of iron-on vinyl (the kind used to make t-shirts and bags and anything with fabric) and a bunch of adhesive vinyl (the kind used to make labels and projects on surfaces other than fabric).

Step 3- Discard

While I was sorting my vinyl, I got rid of any tiny scraps that I knew I wouldn’t use. I also got rid of the cardboard tubes that come inside of the vinyl rolls because they were taking up too much space.

Step 4- Make a Plan

When I saw how much vinyl I was working with, I realized that the spot I had been using in my PAX cabinet was going to be too small.

Old Silhouette Storage

My old area for organizing my vinyl– now too small!

So I started looking around the room, trying to figure out what I could rearrange to make more space for my vinyl, machines, and supplies. I wanted to keep everything together in one place so it was easy to grab it all at once.

I realized that I could make some room in my BESTA storage unit by moving a few of those items over to the taller cabinets, and my plan was born.

IKEA BESTA Storage Unit

my IKEA BESTA storage unit before I moved in the vinyl

Since the BESTA unit has glass doors and everything is on display, I decided to go with these acrylic bins for vinyl roll storage so the vinyl would add some pretty pops of color to the room.

I dug into my stash of bins that I already had on hand to find smaller bins for tools and vinyl scraps.

Step 5- Put It All Together + Label!

Once I made my plan, it was time to execute! I went with two bins for iron-on vinyl and two bins for adhesive vinyl. There were a bunch of different ways I could have divided up each type. After seeing what I had in my stash, it seemed to make the most sense to put neutrals in one bin and colors in the other.

Cabinets for Vinyl Roll Storage

I used the narrow bins I had grabbed from my stash to hold scrap pieces of vinyl that I could still use for other projects.

Organizing Vinyl Scraps

I then tucked these narrow bins behind each of my cutting machines where I had some extra space.

For all of my little tools, I used a bin within a bin strategy. I had a divided bin that was a part of a set that I was no longer using. It ended up being the perfect way to separate the tools.

Bins for Silhouette and Cricut Tools

I stuck the smaller divided bin inside a slightly larger bin, which also held my Silhouette Sketch Pens and some Cricut coaster blanks.

Organizing Silhouette and Cricut Tools

I created a little spot for my tools and my Cricut EasyPress in one of the other cabinets in my BESTA storage unit.

Cricut EasyPress and Tools Organized in an IKEA BESTA Storage Unit

And of course, I labeled everything so I could easily tell what goes where! (You can see how I use my Silhouette to make labels in this post and how I use my Cricut to make labels in this post. The font I used for these labels is called September.)

Organizing Vinyl Roll Storage

Step 6- Enjoy your new vinyl roll storage!

I’ve only had my new system in place for a few days, and it has already been SO much easier to find the vinyl I’m looking for when I’m working on projects.

Adhesive Vinyl Roll Storage

I used to have to sort through both bins of materials to find what I needed. I also realized that I had been buying duplicates of vinyl I already had, simply because I couldn’t find what I already owned in my mess! Now I can just go straight to the correct bin, grab what I need, and start my project. Woot!

Storing Vinyl and Cricut and Silhouette Accessories

AND I now have plenty of room to grow if I just so happen to maybe, accidentally, totally unintentionally acquire more vinyl! 😉

IKEA BESTA Unit Organizing Vinyl Roll Storage

Other Vinyl Roll Storage Inspiration

Some of my very talented and crafty friends have come up with brilliant storage solutions for vinyl as well! You can see their awesome ideas in these posts:

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Melissa from Silhouette School makes the most of the vertical space on her walls to store her vinyl.

Kati at Houseful of Handmade created a fun DIY vinyl storage rack for her supplies.

Andrea from My Very Crafty Life uses bins + an IKEA KALLAX unit to keep her vinyl organized.

And Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff uses a drawer system to store her vinyl.

I hope these ideas were helpful! If you’re looking for projects you can make with vinyl, check out theses posts:

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Quick, Simple, and Pretty Vinyl Roll Storage

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


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