Simple, Meaningful Target Teacher Gift with Free Printable!

This simple, meaningful Target teacher gift gives you maximum impact with minimal effort! Snag the free printable and get ready to make your favorite teacher’s day!

Target Teacher Gift with Free Printable Gift Card Holder

There are lots of groups of people who deserve all of our thanks and appreciation after the past few years, and at the tippy top of that list is teachers. Teaching was a tough, demanding job anyway. And then the pandemic happened and made it even harder!

I am so grateful for the rockstar teachers my boys have had over the past few years, and I wanted to make sure we let them know how much we appreciate them. This simple Target teacher gift seemed like the perfect way to do just that!

Quick and Easy Target Teacher Gift

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Why a “Right on Target” Teacher Gift?

As of the date of this writing, my boys are in 5th and 8th grades, so I have given a lot of teacher gifts over the years! But of all the teacher gifts I’ve shared, there is one type that seems to really hit home the most.

Any time the gift incorporates my kiddo telling the teacher what they’ve enjoyed about being in their class, it seems to be an instant hit. So I decided to combine that concept with a gift nearly every teacher could use– a Target gift card– to create this oh-so-simple printable.

Target Teacher Gift Printables with Holiday Gift Cards

The printable states, “5 Reasons Why [insert teacher’s name] Is Right on Target:” and then gives five lines for the student to write some encouraging words about their teacher.

There is then space to attach a Target gift card at the bottom (I like to use glue dots to secure it.) and a place for the student to sign their name on the card.

Teacher Gift Printable Details

I printed these printables on white card stock so they would be a little sturdier than plain copy paper. I then used a paper cutter to cut them out to ensure that my lines were nice and straight.

The printable measures 5″ x 7″, so it fits perfectly into a standard greeting card envelope.

And while I initially designed this printable as a teacher gift, it doesn’t actually say “teacher” anywhere, so you could give it to anyone who could use a little pick-me-up! This includes:

  • parents
  • children
  • new moms and dads
  • new homeowners
  • friends
  • spouse/partner
  • service providers like mail people, hair stylists, or bus drivers
  • someone who could use a fun surprise!

We originally gave this gift at Christmas time, but it could be used all year long for things like…

  • teacher appreciation week
  • beginning or end of the school year
  • birthday celebration
  • special milestone or anniversary
  • just because!
Target gift cards on a free printable for a meaningful Target teacher gift

12 More Target and Starbucks Gift Sayings for Teachers

Did you know you can use programs like Microsoft Word and Canva to create your own printable gifts? Watch my tutorial to see how I created labels in Canva and use the same concepts to make your gifts.

Simply make the size of the project 5″x7″ and start designing! Change up the elements depending on what occasion the gift is for so it’s fun and festive.

Here are a few other popular sayings for teacher gifts:

  • We really hit the target with you as our teacher!
  • Thank you for keeping me on target this year.
  • I really hit the bullseye with you as my teacher.
  • Wishing you a holiday that is right on target!
  • Your teaching is right on target!

Since most Target stores have Starbucks inside, coffee cards would make great gift ideas as well. Use the phrases below for inspiration!

  • Sip, Sip, Hooray! We are so glad you are our teacher!
  • Thanks a latte!
  • May your days be merry and caffeinated.
  • Welcome back to the grind!
  • A little brew for the best teacher like you.
  • Teacher Fuel
  • Words cannot espresso how much we appreciate you.

I hope your favorite teacher (or other recipient!) will love this pretty printable that is simple, yet full of meaning.

More Free Printable Gift Card Holders for Teacher Appreciation

If Target isn’t your teacher’s favorite retailer, we have a few other versions of this printable that may work for you! Snag our Starbucks version, Amazon version, or general gift card option that could work for any shop or restaurant!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

I hope these easy printables will help you create a thoughtful gift that your favorite teacher will love!

Teacher Gifts: Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends on the budget. We typically spend between $10 and $30 for our teachers, sometimes more depending on the occasion.

When it comes to gift cards, there’s always the option of pairing it with another inexpensive gift, such as stationery, pencils, pens, or other classroom needs.

It’s no secret we love giving Target gift cards! Here are some other options that teachers really appreciate:

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • office supply store cards
  • restaurants
  • Visa gift cards
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Etsy
  • Scholastic

Let me know your favorite types of teacher gifts to give in the comments below!

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.