5+ Teacher Appreciation Gifts with Free Printables!

Grab these simple, meaningful teacher appreciation gifts and show your favorite teacher how much you care! Free printable gift card holders are included!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts with Free Printable Gift Card Holders

We love our teachers! They are some of the hardest workers out there, and they do so much for our kids. So when Teacher Appreciation Week, the holidays, or the end of the school year rolls around, we want to make sure we’re letting them know how much they mean to us!

I’ve given a lot of teacher gifts over the years, and the ones they seem to enjoy most are the gifts that are from the heart. Pair a personal note of encouragement with a gift card to your teacher’s favorite shop or restaurant, and it’s hard to come up with a much better teacher appreciation gift than that!

The printables in this post are designed to help you create a simple, meaningful gift that your teacher will adore. Snag them all in the post below!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Free Printable Gift Card Holders!

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We have a few general printables that will work for any gift card, and then we also have printables meant for a few specific retailers. And you can snag them all for free!

Here’s how to put together this easy teacher appreciation gift…

Step 1- Gather supplies for the teacher appreciation gift.

We’re keeping it simple, so most of these items are things you probably already have at your house.

Supplies you’ll need…

Step 2- Download and print the gift card holders for your teacher gift.

This general printable that works for any gift card comes in two versions– a pink/purple version and a blue/green version. Both versions print together on a single standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet.

I recommend printing on white card stock for a little extra sturdiness, but plain copy paper work work as well. Download this printable by clicking on the button below.

Teacher Appreciation Week Printables with Gift Card Holder

(Looking for a printable for a specific retailer? We have this printable in Target, Amazon, and Starbucks versions as well!)

Step 3- Cut out the printables.

Since two separate cards print on each page, we’ll need to cut them out before we gift them. I like to use a paper trimmer for crisp, straight lines, but scissors definitely work too!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts with Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Step 4- Fill out the printable for your favorite teacher.

It’s time for the student to write down the things they most appreciate about their teacher!

On the printable, there’s space for the teacher’s name at the top. Then the student can write five things they appreciate about their teacher on the lines provided and sign their name at the bottom.

Kids filling out a printable for Teacher Appreciation Week

Need help thinking of things to say? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • She makes class so much fun.
  • He is very thoughtful.
  • She really cares about her students.
  • He makes the material easy to understand.
  • She wants every student to do well.
  • He is so funny.
  • She works really hard at her job.
  • He is passionate about his subject area.
  • She makes everyone feel included.
  • He makes us want to work hard and do well.
  • She motivates us to do our best.
  • He is a good listener.
  • She relates what we’re learning to real life.
  • He is always very organized.
  • She tells funny stories about her pets.
  • He lets us go outside for class.
  • She doesn’t treat us like we’re little kids.
  • He always has a smile on his face.
  • She is brilliant.
  • He is very creative.

Whatever the student loves most about their teacher, they can write it on the lines provided.

Step 5- Attach the gift card of your choice.

This free printable gift card holder will work for any shop, restaurant, or service, so feel free to choose the place your teacher likes best. Gift cards can be attached with tape or glue dots.

Free Printable Gift Card Holder for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

These printables are designed to fit a standard greeting card envelope, so after you fill it out and attach the gift card, put the printable in an envelope if you wish.

Step 6- Give the card to your teacher and make their day!

Your teacher will be so delighted to read all of the nice things you have to say about them. And the gift card is just the cherry on top to make it all the more sweet.

We don’t tell people what we appreciate about them nearly often enough, and these free printables are an easy way to do just that.

What gift card is best for teachers?

I recently asked teachers on Instagram about their favorite gift cards to receive. Here were their answers:

  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Door Dash
  • Favorite Restaurant
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Movies
  • Spa or Nail Salon
  • Bookstore
  • The Container Store
  • Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Home Goods
  • Banana Republic

If there are any popular local shops or restaurants in your area, it’s always great to support small businesses too!

More Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

If your teacher is a fan of Target, Amazon, or Starbucks, we have versions of this printable specifically for those retailers!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Whichever teacher gift idea you choose, they will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness, generosity, and recognition of the tough job they do. They are superheroes for taking care of our children day in and day out, and they definitely deserve our support and encouragement!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first full week of May each year.

  • Oftentimes, PTA or PTO groups will hold special events or give gifts to teachers.
  • A “homeroom parent” may take up a collection to get the teacher a gift from the entire class.
  • Or individual students may give gifts or notes of appreciation to their teachers. (See the post above for an easy-yet-meaningful teacher gift!)

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Simple, Meaningful Teacher Gift with Free Printables

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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