Starbucks Teacher Gifts (with Free Printables Gift Card Holder!)

Show your teacher how much you care about them with these Starbucks teacher gifts! The free printable gift card holder makes it easy to create a gift for teacher that’s easy and meaningful!

Starbuck Teacher Gifts with Free Printable Gift Card Holder

Starbucks gift cards are an easy go-to gift that most teachers will love, so why not pair it with a meaningful note to show them how much you care?!

Teachers work so hard and aren’t praised for their work nearly often enough. This free printable gift card holder makes it easy to make their day with both words of affirmation and a simple present.

Snag the download in the post below!

Starbucks Gift for Teacher – Free Printable Gift Card Holder!

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It’s easy to put together this meaningful Starbucks teacher gift in just a few quick steps. Here’s how to do it…

Step 1- Gather your supplies.

Since this is such an easy project, you probably already own everything you’ll need!

Supplies you’ll need…

Step 2- Download and print the free printable gift card holders.

This printable includes two copies of the Starbucks gift card holder on a single 8.5″ x 11″ sheet.

Free Printable Gift Card Holder for Starbucks Teacher Gift

I like to print these on white card stock to make them a little sturdier and more substantial, but plain copy paper will work just fine too. Download the printable by clicking on the button below.

(We also have Target, Amazon, and general versions of this printable that will work for any gift card if those would be helpful for you!)

Step 3- Cut out the DIY teacher appreciation gifts.

Since there are two gift card holders on each page, we’ll need to cut them out before we gift them to our teacher. I like to use a paper trimmer for nice, straight lines, but scissors obviously work as well.

Starbucks Teacher Gift Printables Cut Out and Ready to Attach a Gift Card

Simply trim along the outer edge of the black line for a neat and tidy rectangular card.

Step 4- Have the student fill out the printable.

Now it’s time for the student to add his or her personal touch to the teacher appreciation gift!

Kids filling out Starbucks teacher appreciation gift printables

They can write the teacher’s name on the line at the top. Then there is space for them to write five things they appreciate about their teacher. Finally, they can sign their name at the bottom of the printable.

Not quite sure what to write? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • She is a good listener.
  • He always makes learning fun.
  • You can tell she is passionate about her subject.
  • He really cares about his students.
  • She is very creative.
  • He makes sure everyone learns the material.
  • She motivates us to do our best.
  • He is a great encourager.
  • She explains things in a way that is easy to understand.
  • He is very smart.
  • She makes us think critically, not just memorize answers.
  • He makes us laugh.
  • She always brightens my day.
  • He makes me feel confident that I can learn the material.
  • She isn’t afraid to be silly to help us learn.
  • He is kind.
  • She is so organized.
  • He expects big things from us.
  • She believes in us.
  • He relates the things we’re learning to real life.

Whatever the student admires most about their teacher, they can write it on the lines provided on the printable.

Step 5- Attach the Starbucks gift card.

Now all that’s left to do is attach the Starbucks gift card in the spot provided using tape or glue dots.

Starbucks Teacher Gift Printable with Envelope

The printable is designed to fit a standard sized greeting card envelope, so feel free to use one if you prefer.

Step 6- Deliver to your teacher and make their day!

Of all the teacher gifts I’ve ever given, the ones they seem to love most are those that come from the heart. This simple printable can help do just that while also delivering a little bonus treat.

Plus, it’s great for our kiddos to get practice at telling others what they appreciate about them. It’s something we don’t do enough– the world could always use more encouraging words!

More Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas / Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

If Starbucks isn’t your teacher’s preferred place to use gift cards, we have several other printables that can help with that!

Snag other versions of this printable for Target or Amazon, or grab a general printable that will work for any gift card!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

No matter where your teacher prefers to shop or dine, we have a simple, meaningful teacher appreciation gifts printable that will work for them!

Starbucks Teacher Gifts: Frequently Asked Questions

I recently asked my teacher Instagram followers which gift cards they prefer to receive. Here were their answers:

  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Door Dash
  • Favorite Restaurant
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Movies
  • Spa or Nail Salon
  • Bookstore
  • The Container Store
  • Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Home Goods
  • Banana Republic

While most teachers will be grateful for any gift, there are some items that they tend to receive very often, so you may want to avoid adding these to their already overflowing collection:

  • Mugs or any type of drink ware
  • Candles
  • Body lotion or other hygiene products

Gift cards are always a safe bet, and you can’t go wrong with a hand drawn card or words of encouragement!

Teacher Appreciation Week is held the first full week of May every year.

Sometimes PTA groups will coordinate school-wide gifts and events for teachers. Other times a “homeroom parent” will take donations and pull together a gift from the entire class. And often, parents will send in individual notes or gifts from their child to show appreciation to teachers during that week.

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