My Favorite Organization Products and Storage Solutions for Every Room of the House

Struggling to figure out the best way to get organized? I’ve put together my favorite organization products and storage solutions for every room of the house so your spaces will be neat and tidy in no time!

Best Organizing Products for Every Room in the House

Over the years I have used a BUNCH of organization products. Honestly, some of them got in the way more than they helped. But others have been absolutely instrumental in helping us keep our home neat and tidy!

Storage Solutions and Organization Products that Will Get You Organized

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I wanted to put together a list of all of the different storage solutions that have been helpful for us in both our current house and in our former townhouse.

Since that ended up being a lot of different products (and there are a bunch of photos!), I broke it down by room to make everything easier to find. You can click the links below to be taken straight to the room of your choice or just scroll to see them all!


Entryway organization has always been really important to me because it sets the tone for the rest of the house. It’s important to have “homes” for the things we need to drop right when we get in the house. And we need easy access to the coats and bags we grab on our way out the door.

The entryway can easily become a cluttered catch-all though, so we’ve tried to put systems in place to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Current Mudroom and Entry Organization Products

Our current house has a mudroom entry from the garage and a small nook by the front door that serves as an entryway as well.

The mudroom has a few hooks where we hang our most used coats and bags.

Organized Mudroom Built-ins

The drawers hold our winter hats, gloves, and scarves. I used these cute bins to corral the different types of items.

Organized Drawers with Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

We ripped out the wire shelving that was in our entry closet and replaced it with IKEA ALGOT shelves (now called BOAXEL), which have worked much better for us. Each of my boys has a basket where they can throw their shoes when they come in the door.

Organized Entry Closet

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This entry cabinet has been a great solution for the front door entrance to our home.

Organized Entryway Cabinet

It holds a few essentials, like hand soap and toilet paper for the powder room that is right next to it. We also keep bug spray and sunscreen in a clear bin so it’s easy to put on right before we leave the house.

Entry Cabinet Storage Solutions

Since our boys were always running upstairs to their playroom to get art supplies, I created a small art station with crayons, markers, and some paper and coloring books in this cabinet as well.

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Townhouse Entry Storage Solutions

Our townhouse entryway had a few different arrangements while we lived there. But in the end we settled on a simple bench setup with a shelf and hooks above it.

Organized Entry with Bench, Hooks, and Shelf

Since we turned our coat closet into the pantry, we converted the old pantry into a mini mudroom where each member of the family could hang their most used coat and bag.

Organized Mini Mudroom in Entry

We also kept a basket on the floor to corral shoes.

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Shop Our Entryways

To learn more about the items we used to organize our entryways, click on any of the images below. If the exact item we used was no longer sold, I tried to find something really similar and linked to that instead.


Kitchens can be tricky to get organized because they often need to hold a lot of different items. In both our current kitchen and townhouse kitchen, I tried to use only the organization products that helped to maximize space and keep our items orderly.

Current Kitchen Storage Solutions

We are fortunate that our current kitchen has a lot of storage space, but we still tried to be really strategic about where we placed everything.

Organized White Kitchen

We used drawer dividers to organize our utensil drawers. I only keep the gadgets I use most often in the drawer. Gadgets that I only use occasionally are kept in a basket on a higher shelf up out of the way.

Organized Kitchen Utensil Drawers

Food storage containers can be hard to organize. To make it easier, I try to have all of the same type so that they nest neatly within one another. I also corral all of the lids in a simple bin.

Organized Food Storage Containers, Storage Solutions for the Kitchen

One of the areas where I tried really hard to maximize space was under our kitchen sink! I used stacking drawers to hold dishcloths and sponges to make the most of the vertical space.

Stacking containers hold our dish tabs and gloves. And I put together a cleaning caddy that is easy to grab and take wherever we need it in the house.

Under the Kitchen Sink Organized

In the pantry, I used y-weave bins to corral different types of items. I decant our dry goods into matching containers so I can easily see what we have. It also looks tidier than trying to deal with a bunch of non-uniform boxes and bags.

I use a riser to store our spices, which are all in matching jars so they look neater and take up less space. And I finally solved our water bottle storage problem by using a few acrylic wine racks to store them horizontally.

Organized Kitchen Pantry

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Our Organized Pantry

Townhouse Kitchen Organization Products

Our townhouse kitchen was not very big at all, so we really had to make the most of every inch! We tore out the old, ugly kitchen that was there when we moved in and replaced it with an IKEA SEKTION kitchen.

The SEKTION cabinets are a few inches deeper and they have a few built-in storage solutions that really helped us make the most of our small space.

Organized IKEA Kitchen

As I mentioned above, I use a basket to store the extra gadgets we don’t use often, so they are tucked neatly away.

Organized Kids' Plates and Cups in a White IKEA Kitchen

We had different food storage containers in our last house, but the same strategy still worked. All containers were the same type so they could nest easily. And the lids were corralled in a small bin.

Organized Smoothie Supplies in a White IKEA Kitchen, Small Space Storage Solutions

To store our baking sheets and cutting boards, I used a simple organizer to help them stand vertically.

Organized Cookie Sheets and Cutting Boards in a White IKEA Kitchen

We converted the coat closet in our townhouse into a pantry, using the IKEA BOAXEL system to make the most of the space. Again, risers, uniform containers, and pretty bins helped to corral all of the different pantry items and keep them neat and tidy.

Organized Pantry in a Townhouse

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Townhouse Pantry Organization

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To learn more about the items we used to organize our kitchens, click on any of the images below.

Living Room

The only real storage piece in our living room is the entertainment unit we created using the IKEA BESTA system.

Organized Living Room

Its drawers hold our DVDs, which I’ve corralled in clear bins to keep them from falling over.

Organized DVDs

The boys’ video game accessories are also stored in these drawers. We used bins again to separate the different types of characters they have.

Organized Video Game Pieces, Smart Storage Solutions for the Living Room

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How to Organize DVDs and Video Games

Dining Room

We don’t store much in the dining room, but we have a few easy systems in place. The china cabinet was my grandmother’s, and I love decorating the top part for each season.

Aqua, White, and Neutral Dining Room

The bottom part holds decorative dishes, using labeled baskets to hold mugs. One of my favorite ways to label is to use an adhesive bookplate + labels from my label maker.

Organized China Cabinet in Dining Room

The other storage piece we have in the dining room is a sideboard that I converted from a dresser. Donnie helped me add a shelf to display some pitchers and cake stands.

Organized Dining Room Sideboard with Smart Storage Solutions

I use the file folding technique to store our table runners and placemats. Small boxes also help corral the placemats.

Organized Dining Room Sideboard with Folded Table Runners and Placemats

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To learn more about the items we used to organize our dining room, click on any of the images below.


My office in both of our houses has always been a mix of office, craft room, and decor storage. Since I’m trying to organize a bunch of different items, it was important to pick my storage solutions wisely!

My Current Office Organization Products

The nook part of my office holds my desk and a comfy chair that I work from often too.

Organized Office Nook

My desk drawers hold all of my different office supplies, and I use organizers like this one to keep them in order.

Organized Desk Drawer

I kind of have a thing for throw pillows, so I needed a place to store the ones we aren’t currently using around our house. This etagere ended up being the perfect solution.

Organized Etagere in a Home Office

The bottom part holds our printer, paper, and ink.

We created this storage piece with the IKEA BESTA system. I love that it organizes my items and makes a pretty display at the same time! Baskets help tuck items out of the way.

Organized IKEA BESTA Unit in a Home Office

I also like these clear lidded bins to hold things like my photo props, label maker supplies, and paint chips.

Organized Craft Supplies Bin in a Home Office

My office didn’t have any type of closet, so we created one using pieces from the IKEA PAX system.

Organized IKEA PAX Closet in a Home Office

It gives me a ton of storage space, even for awkwardly shaped items like wreaths and gift bags.

Organized Cabinet in an IKEA PAX Unit, Storage Solutions

The drawers come in handy too. These boxes help divide up the drawers and store everything neatly.

Organized Party Supplies in an IKEA PAX Unit

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DIY BESTA Storage Unit

My Townhouse Office Storage Solutions

My townhouse office was much smaller. Again, I used the strategy of open shelving + opaque bins to be pretty and practical at the same time.

We created this storage unit with two plain bookshelves and a cube unit, adding trim to the top to make them look a little fancier. The pegboard was a huge help when organizing my small craft supplies.

Organized Home Office and Craft Room

My desk was more minimalist. I just used a small cube unit underneath to hold a few office supplies.

Organized Minimalist Office Desk

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Donnie’s Current Office Organization Products

Donnie’s office is definitely more on the masculine side! He decided to use pieces from The Container Store’s Elfa system to organize his space.

He used a few shelves and a pegboard from the system to create a side table and storage area by his chair.

Organized Masculine Home Office

Then he also created an entire wall of storage with Elfa to hold his books, magazines, and video equipment. The drawers hold various office supplies.

Elfa Shelving System in an Organized Home Office, Office Storage Solutions

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How to Install the Elfa System

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To learn more about the items we used to organize our offices, click on any of the images below.


I always want to make sure our bedrooms are a relaxing haven, so I try to keep them as uncluttered as possible. Decluttering anything we don’t use and/or love and choosing the right storage pieces is key!

Our Current Master Bedroom and Closet Storage Solutions

We were able to add some extra storage in our master bedroom with these pretty three-drawer nightstands.

Aqua, White, and Gray Master Bedroom

I am just a smidge obsessed with organizing our drawers, so I love that the IKEA HEMNES dresser fits their SKUBB boxes perfectly.

IKEA HEMNES Dresser in a Master Bedroom

I use the file folding technique (aka the KonMari Method) to fold our clothes, and I know it’s not for everyone, but it has been a total game changer for us!

Organized Clothes Folded Using the KonMari Method

I found Donnie’s dresser (which also doubles as a TV stand!) for $40 on Craigslist and have given it a few different makeovers in the time we’ve owned it.

Dresser TV Stand

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One of the first projects we did in our current house was to tear out the wire shelving in our master closet and replace it with a closet system from EasyClosets. Everything has a home, which helps it stay tidy.

I organized my necklaces using a towel bar + some shower curtain hooks.

Organized Master Closet

I love using cute baskets and bins on the open shelving for concealed storage.

Organized Master Closet

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Our Townhouse Master Bedroom and Closet Organization Products

Our townhouse bedroom was small, but we were able to maximize the space we had with smart storage solutions.

Small Master Bedroom with Smart Storage Solutions

We added our go-to IKEA BOAXEL system to the shared closet, and though it wasn’t very big, we managed to fit a lot into it!

Small Master Closet Organized with the IKEA ALGOT System

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To learn more about the items we used to organize our bedrooms, click on any of the images below.

Kids’ Bedrooms

Our boys have shared a bedroom for most of their lives. We did it to save space in our townhouse. Then when we moved, they really wanted to stay together because they were so used to it!

Our Boys’ Current Shared Bedroom Organization Products

The boys pretty much just sleep in their current bedroom since they have a dedicated playroom. They have a small nightstand in between their beds that has some storage, as well as a little wall unit that can hold a few books.

Shared Boys' Bedroom

We went with the IKEA BOAXEL system again for their closet. The closet is tiny, but having two rows to hang their clothes has really helped. (Plus, little Caleb can now reach his own items without help!)

Organized Shared Kids' Closet with Smart Storage Solutions

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Shared Boys’ Closet Details

Our Boys’ Townhouse Shared Bedroom Storage Solutions

Because we needed the boys’ room in the townhouse to serve a bunch of different functions, bunkbeds were a must for saving space.

Bunk Beds in Shared Kids' Bedroom

They had a little art station in the corner, where we utilized vertical space to hang their coloring supplies with a magazine rack, rail + cups, and magnetic strip with containers.

Kids' Craft Nook

A ladder shelf also helped to store some toys in their room without taking up a ton of space. (Donnie actually made this shelf, but this one is similar.)

Leaning Toy Shelf Organized

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Shop the Kids’ Bedrooms

To learn more about the items we used to organize our kids’ bedrooms, click on any of the images below.


Oh, the dreaded playroom! 😉 Toys can be one of the biggest challenges to organize, but we’ve done our best!

Our Boys’ Current Playroom Storage Solutions

They have a little coloring station with a desk, a rolling cart for their supplies, and a wall-mounted magazine file to hold their coloring books. We display their artwork using this wire and hook combination.

Organized Kids' Art Station

This cube unit holds their books, board games, and some toys in bins. We have a few additional bins for bigger toys (like Nerf guns) and stuffed animals.

Organized Toy Shelf

LEGOs can be an especially big challenge to organize! You can see my full LEGO organization theory in this post, but basically we use these two towers to store them…

Organized LEGO Pieces

…and have shelves to display the finished products in the closet.

Organized LEGO Display

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Our Boys’ Townhouse Play Area Organization Products

The toy area in the townhouse was part of our living room. It definitely wasn’t ideal– I much prefer having a room where I can close the door!– but we did what we could with what we had, and it worked for us.

Organized Toy Area in Townhouse with Creative Storage Solutions

We used the cube unit again and also had two other shelves for big toys.

Shop Our Playrooms

To learn more about the items we used to organize our playrooms, click on any of the images below.


Bathrooms can be tricky to organize because it can be hard to use the cabinet space effectively, and the drawers can be weird sizes!

Our Master Bathroom Organization Products

Master Bathroom Vanity

We tried to maximize vertical space in our master bathroom vanity by using stacking drawers to hold our toiletries…

Stacking Drawers in a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

And we dealt with the awkward deep-but-narrow drawers by adding organizers. The divided trays help to keep my different hair supplies organized.

Organized Bathroom Drawer

And the square bins help to keep our products from falling over.

Lotions Organized in Bathroom Drawer

We added a cabinet in the water closet to hold toilet paper, again utilizing vertical space.

Bathroom Water Closet

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Our Guest Bathroom Storage Solutions

Our guest bathroom vanity has a similar layout to the master; the drawers are just slightly different.

Guest Bathroom Vanity

Stacking bins are another way to help make the most of the space under the sink. And a cleaning caddy allows me to easily take items wherever I need them in the house.

Organized Guest Bathroom Cabinet

Again, we used these square bins to help organize the awkwardly shaped drawers.

Organized Bathroom Drawer with Washcloths, Storage Solutions for the Bathroom

We also have floating shelves in the guest bathroom to hold a few extra supplies in pretty containers and bins.

Bathroom Floating Shelves

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Shop Our Bathrooms

To learn more about the items we used to organize our bathrooms, click on any of the images below.

Garage/Basement Storage

Our garage and basement are probably the biggest organization projects we’ve tackled in this house! It took a while to figure out the best way to use the space, but they’ve now stayed organized for a while, and our systems are working well!

Our Current Garage Storage Solutions

We used a combination of the IKEA BOAXEL system and the Gladiator track system in the garage to make the very most of our wall space.

Garage Organized with the IKEA ALGOT System

I organized everything into zones. So we have a lawn and garden zone, a toy zone, a hockey gear zone, a shoes and boots zone, etc. These wall hooks help hold awkwardly shaped items.

Hockey Gear and Shoes Organized in Garage

We used a pegboard to store cleaning items like brooms, mops, and dusters, and it has worked like a charm! This cleat helped to get our wheelbarrow up and out of the way.

Storage Solutions for the Garage

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Our Current Basement Organization Products

We store all of our holiday decor and mementos in our basement. We chose to use metal Gladiator shelving + storage bins to keep everything neat and tidy.

Storage Nook in Organized Basement

I used opaque storage bins in the garage since neighbors and visitors see our garage more often, but in the basement (where others rarely visit!) I chose clear storage bins so we could see what was in them and grab what we needed quickly.

Storage Shelf in Organized Basement

Donnie’s workshop is in the basement. He is a researcher and spent tons of time figuring out the best containers and toolboxes to use for his collection! You can get his in-depth thoughts about tool storage in this post.

Organized Tools in Basement Workshop

We used the metal shelving units again to organize our painting and grouting supplies. These stacking bins came in handy as well.

Organized Paint and Grouting Supplies

Finally, Donnie is in the process of adding trim to all of our windows, so he needed a way to organize all of the different trim pieces. These brackets have helped keep the trim pieces tidy and out of the way.

Organized Wood Trim, Storage Solutions for the Basement

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Shop Our Basement and Garage

To learn more about the items we used to organize our garage and basement, click on any of the images below.

Label Makers

I realize that label makers aren’t a space in the home, but I couldn’t do a post about my favorite organizing tools without mentioning them because I use them all the time!

Silhouette Cameo

My favorite way to make labels is with my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine + adhesive vinyl.

Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine

I use a program on my computer to design the label then send it to the machine to cut it out. (Similar to a printer, but with a blade!) You can see the step by step process I use to make labels with my Silhouette in this post.

Labels Made with Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine and Adhesive Vinyl

DYMO MobileLabeler

My other go-to machine for labeling is my DYMO MobileLabeler. I like it because it has lots of pretty fonts to choose from and is a quick way to create the labels I need.

DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker

My favorite way to do labels with a label maker is to put down a pretty piece of washi tape and then use clear tape with black writing over it.

Labels Made with DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker
Shop My Label Makers

To learn more about my favorite label makers and accessories, click on any of the images below.

So those are my most favorite organization products and storage solutions that we’ve used in our homes! I hope you’ve found some ideas that will help you organize your own house!

I know my list isn’t exhaustive– What are your favorite organization products that you use in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re thinking of using some of the items I mentioned, be sure to pin the image below so you can come back to this post later!

Best Storage Solutions for Every Room of the House

Thank you so much for following along! Have a great day!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


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