10+ Cheap and Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Don’t miss these simple bedroom decorating ideas for creating a cozy haven you’ll love, all on a budget!

Bed with White Comforter and Floral Pillow

We bought our little townhouse when we were really young and had just had our first baby. It had great bones, but cosmetically, it was an absolute wreck. Since we knew we would have to redo every single room in the house, we’ve been doing our best to update each space on a budget, and we’ve learned a lot in the process.

It’s taken some trial and error, but we’ve been able to make this house our own without breaking the bank. Today I wanted to share 10+ ways we were able to update our primary bedroom to make it look cozy, serene, and beautiful… all on a budget!

C’mon in and take a peek!

10+ Inexpensive Primary Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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1. Paint the walls.

One of the easiest, most inexpensive, and most impactful things we can do to transform any room is to paint the walls. The walls in this space had been a dark, cave-like taupe, and we lighted them up considerably.

Blue painted dresser in a primary bedroom with gray walls and white curtains

We used Behr Marquee Silver City (my favorite gray!) for most of the room and Behr Marquee Cameo White for the accent wall behind the bed.

2. Change out the duvet cover.

I love duvet covers because they’re an easy way to change the whole look of the room, and they’re typically less expensive than a comforter or full bedding set.

If you don’t currently own a duvet insert, you can put the duvet cover over your current comforter. Just be sure to choose a duvet cover that won’t allow the pattern on your existing bedding to show through.

Cozy bed with upholstered headboard, white bedding, and blue and blush floral pillow

Our duvet cover and shams are from Crane and Canopy, and they provided a beautiful neutral base layer for our bedroom.

3. Add a few throw pillows.

Pillows are a fairly inexpensive addition and they can really add some fun color and pattern to a space. Try mixing and matching– florals with geometrics, organics with solids, larger patterns with smaller patterns– and find the combo that you love most.

Navy and blush floral pillow on the bed in a primary bedroom

My throw pillows were from Target and are no longer sold. But I can always find a great selection of affordable throw pillows at Target, HomeGoods, and even on Amazon.

Better yet, search for pillow covers. (I like IKEA, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon for these.) They’re less expensive than a full pillow and take up less space when we need to store them too.

4. Install a simple accent wall.

We created this easy accent wall in our primary bedroom with just a few boards and some paint. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to make a statement!

white board and batten accent wall, part of inexpensive bedroom decorating plan

5. Re-cover the lamp shades.

These little lamps were one of my very first blog projects, and I still love them! I used inexpensive fabric + fabric glue to make plain, boring shades more my style. It was so easy, didn’t cost much, and gave me the exact lamps I wanted.

Bed with tan upholstered headboard, white bedding, and blue throw pillows

6. Make your own headboard.

I love the look of upholstered headboards, but they can get pricey. We made our own headboard instead with some leftover plywood, foam, and nailhead trim, and it turned out better than I could have imagined!

aqua mason jar with pink roses, sitting on a nightstand

I always think adding real flowers is a nice little treat too! So beautiful!

7. My Favorite Inexpensive Curtains

Window treatments can be pricey for sure. But when I’m trying to spruce up our windows on a budget, my go-to is always IKEA’s RITVA curtains.

blue painted dresser and windows with white curtains

I use them without the tie-backs, and they hang nicely and feel substantial. They have a beautiful texture as well.

8. Paint the furniture.

Just like with the walls, paint can add instant impact at a low price point when it comes to furniture. Donnie’s dresser was a thrifted find that I cleaned up and painted Behr Marquee Compass Blue for a whole new look.

blue painted dresser with gold pulls

I used Rub n’ Buff to update the existing hardware and give it a beautiful golden glow.

Blue dresser drawers with gold pulls
blue hydrangea stem in an aqua Ball mason jar, sitting on a blue painted dresser

My dresser got a painted makeover as well! It was actually part of my mom’s bedroom set when she was growing up and then was in my room throughout my childhood too.

gold and white painted mid-century modern style dresser

I spray painted the bottom of the dresser and the handles gold and then painted the rest of it Behr Marquee Cameo White so that it was light and bright to fit in with the rest of the space.

pink flowers and tiered jewelry tray sitting on top of a white dresser
pink flowers in a clear vase on a white dresser with a gold mirror

If you look just beyond the flowers on my dresser, you can catch my most recent painting project, the gray vanity

Pink flowers and a bathroom vanity in the background

Nearly everything got a touch of paint in this space, and for good reason! It makes a huge impact without costing a lot!

9. Frame in a mirror.

This bedroom is a little odd in that the bathroom vanity is part of the bedroom space. (The rest of the primary bathroom is just to the right of the vanity.) To give the builder grade mirror an upgrade, we framed it in and painted the frame light, bright white.

framed in builder-grade mirror and a gray painted bathroom vanity with brass and acrylic pulls

It looks way more finished with the additional trim, and the framing project took less than a day to complete.

10. Update the hardware.

Finally, I already mentioned the update to the existing hardware on Donnie’s dresser, but since hardware is pretty inexpensive, we can also change it out completely for a whole new look.

gray painted bathroom vanity with brass and acrylic pulls

I removed the dated handles from the vanity cabinets and replaced them with these cute brass and acrylic pulls I found at Hobby Lobby. They make it look so much more elevated and chic.

Primary Bedroom Decorating: Before and After

Without having to spend a fortune, we were able to give our primary bedroom a whole new look that was much more our style. Check out the before and after photos…

primary bedroom makeover before and after photo of the bed and nightstand
before and after photo of a painted dresser
before and after photo of a builder grade vanity

With a little creativity and some elbow grease, it is completely possible to transform a space on a budget. Whether we’re living in our dream home or are in a more temporary situation, small, inexpensive changes can help to make a big difference.

Living in our townhouse has taught me that we can learn to love our space no matter where we live and what kind of budget we have. You can do it too!

Inexpensive Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

Harness the power of paint! Whether it’s painting the walls, the furniture, the vanity, or accessories, paint can really go a long way for not much money at all.

Find a “lead” piece. Whether it’s a pillow, bedding, a rug, or a piece of art, find a piece that reflects the feel and color palette you’d like to use for the rest of the space. Then use that lead as your guide when making decisions for the rest of the room.

I know it’s tempting, but I wouldn’t start with painting the walls. I like to find a lead piece and decide on the feel and color scheme of the space first. Then once the direction of the room is clearly established, we can use paint to further the transformation.

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Decorating Ideas for the Primary Bedroom

Have you done any bedroom decorating lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

Abby Lawson at Abby Organizes, justagirlandherblog.com

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.



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