How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity

Learn how to transform a builder-grade vanity with paint and new hardware, giving the bathroom a chic, updated look!

Builder-Grade Vanity Upgraded with Paint and New Hardware

So… remember that primary bedroom project we’ve been working on? It kind of took a back seat for a little while as we were getting ready for last week’s big eBook launch, but we are back at it and finally finishing up the last little details. As part of our primary bathroom refresh, I knew I wanted to update the vanity somehow, and I’m thrilled at the difference we were able to make with a little bit of paint and some new hardware.

When we moved into our house six years ago, it wasn’t exactly pretty. Sure, the house was in a great location and was the perfect size for our little family, but cosmetically, it needed some help. The vanity in our primary bedroom/bathroom, for example, was kind of an eyesore with its cheap faux-wood finish.

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

I would have loved to just rip it out and replace it, but since we are in a townhouse, we have awkward plumbing that runs to the side rather than to the back, and finding a new vanity that would work for this space would be difficult, not to mention expensive.

So we opted for a much more inexpensive option: paint. Because I was in my “paint everything black” phase, I of course painted it black, framed in the mirror above it, and that actually made the space a little better. A few years later, though, it was looking pretty beat up and in need of some new paint.

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

A few months ago I did a little gray and gold console table makeover for my sister, and ever since then I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate some sort of gray and gold piece into our home because I loved the color combo so much. Instead of just repainting the vanity black, then, I went with Behr’s Iron Mountain so I could get the gray and gold look I wanted.

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Because I am cheap resourceful 😉 , I used the hinges I already had and spray painted them gold. I found the perfect pulls at Hobby Lobby and snagged them for $2.50 a piece since it was 50% off day– yippee!

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to repaint the mirror frame or leave it as is. I’m kind of liking the contrast at the moment, but that could always change…and usually does. 😉

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Oh hey there, Abby taking pictures! That’s the tough thing about mirror pictures– it’s hard to get out of the shot!

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Want to see the before and after? (Always my favorite part!)

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

I’d say it’s a little better! 🙂 I think the vanity area now fits in nicely with the rest of our primary bathroom, which we totally demolished down to the studs and built back up last year…

How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Bathroom upgrades can be tough, but they don’t always have to be expensive– it’s amazing what a little bit of paint can do to transform a builder-grade vanity! The primary bedroom is almost finished, so watch for the big reveal later this week!

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How to Transform a Builder-Grade Vanity

Have you done any bathroom upgrades lately?

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I’m also a huge fan of the grey/gold colour scheme! And the knobs… so pretty! Makes the whole space feel brighter! Well done!

  2. Bethany @ MakingMyStead.com says:

    Lovely bathroom update! I am really digging grey right now. We just got a new shower curtain and rug in a grey and white pattern that looks amazing. I want a grey dresser in our bedroom too. Really digging your grey with the gold hardware. I like it so much better than the black cabinets. The contrast with the mirror is ok, but it might look good getting an update too. If you do paint it grey, perhaps you can add a touch of gold into it as well?

    Happy Monday!

    ~ Bethany @ MakingMyStead.com
    (formerly Bethany the ngnrdgrl)

  3. Katie @ Little House of Four says:

    ooh, I love how this quick and inexpenisve makeover completely transformed the look of your bathroom. I’m loving the gold and gray combo and those knobs are amazing. P.S. I fell in love with your blog because of all your amazing DIY projects. As much as I love your organizing posts, it’s nice to see a great post about DIY and home decor. I loved your recent tufted bench makeover too! Have a great week 🙂

  4. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom says:

    I have been wanting to paint our master vanity for awhile and it is a cheap faux wood finish, too… I am excited to hear that painting faux wood works out fairly well and I have been wanting to do a gray color on them. I would totally paint that mirror gold, but the black contrast does work nicely. I am going to pin this for whenever I do get to painting my master vanity. lol

  5. Selene Galindo says:

    I love the transformation, Abbey!! Both the colors and new gold hardware are so gorgeous!

  6. Alexis @ Persia Lou says:

    It looks great! Those pulls are amazing!

  7. LOVE IT!!!! You did an amazing job!!!

  8. What type of paint did you use? I painted my vanity many years ago over oak and then recently I used SW Pro Classic over the black after sanding it, but it leaves white marks where hands come in contact with, is peeling, and is sticky to the touch in areas.

  9. I’ve had a thing for gray cabinets lately, and now I need to add gold hardware to my list of obsessions! Amazing transformation!

  10. Abby! That looks AMAZING! Ah I wish you could come to Kansas and help me with three that I have on deck to paint. I’m so darn intimidated! I love the gray with gold hinges and pulls. Looks beautiful!

  11. Nancy @ Slightly Coastal says:

    It looks wonderful! It is amazing what a little paint can do! Sometimes those little changes have such a big impact on a space. I too like the contrast of the dark mirror and I really like the pop of blue you have pulled in using the accessories. If you want to pull in more of that drama, you might want to think about doing something in the space above the mirror in that same pop of blue. Somethine sort of architectural. It totally doesn’t NEED it though…it looks great as is.

  12. So pretty Abby! I am loving the gray and gold combo too. I have those same knobs but I’m still trying to find the perfect place for them. They look gorgeous in your bathroom!

  13. Sarah@TheOrthodoxMama says:

    What particular type of gray did you use? There always seem to be such a variety of colors, that I often get overwhelmed and just give up altogether 🙂 It is also helpful to hear that painting over faux wood can turn out so well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. This looks great! Did you have to sand the cabinets down or do anything to them before you painted? Our bathroom really needs this kind of makeover.

  15. I love seeing these kinds of home improvement projects. 🙂 I live in an apartment right now with my husband, and we are pretty limited in terms of what we can do to the place. Certain things are just begging to be upgraded, but I will have to save that for when we purchase our own home.

  16. Hi, Abby ~ What a great project! And I love that you went with gray. I’m a paint-everything-black-girl, but I’m working on expanding my horizons. :0) I’ve been following all of the work you’ve been doing on your master bedroom, and I’m super excited to see the big reveal!

  17. Ummmm that gray toes AMAZINGLY with the tile!! #homerun (!!)

    We painted an oak builders grade vanity a few years ago. Our old hour is now a rental so I’m curious how it’s held up. I experimented with glaze and paint and it was super fun! https://www.createprettyblog.com/2012/02/master-bath-renovation-part-1.html?m=1
    Hubs and I started talking about taking on our master vanity in our townhouse last week . It’s builders grade too and a darkish brown color. Our new house is a craftsman style with tons of cream moulding so we will probably go cream with it to lighten and brighten. Super excited!

  18. Kim@NewlyWoodwards says:

    Love the mix of gray and gold!

  19. Crissie@Sawdust to Sequins says:

    I love the way this turned out! It is so amazing how just a little paint, some thought, and a little time can turn an old piece of furniture into something brand new. Great job. I love reading your projects. You are one talented lady! Have a blessed day.

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