Simply Beautiful Valentine’s Day Brownies


Oh, Valentine’s Day, how I love thee! Though you are a holiday created by Hallmark, you give me an excuse to wear loads of pink and do all sorts of crafts involving hearts and other girly things, so for that, I thank you. (Also I get to celebrate how much I love my wonderful hubby, and I’ll look for any excuse to do that!)

For some reason I woke up in a Valentines-y mood today, and I just needed to do something to celebrate. Enter, brownies. I sort of made them up as I went along, but they sure look like Valentine’s Day exploded all over them, so I’ll chalk them up as a success.

Here’s what I used for this creation (Note: Not pictured are two eggs and vegetable oil, which are needed to complete the brownie mix):


Yes, I used a boxed mix. I wanted to keep it simple. Don’t hate. 😉

You’ll also want some heart-shaped cookie cutters.

Cookie Cutters

I started by making the brownies according to the instructions on the package. I opted for a 13 x 9 sized pan so that the brownies would be thin enough to cut with a cookie cutter. Make sure you grease the pan really well.

After they’re done baking, let them cool completely. I let them sit for about an hour and a half before I did anything else with them, but yours may not take that long.


After they’ve cooled, use the cookie cutters to make your heart shapes. Tip: Use a plastic knife to help reinforce the shape created by the cookie cutter, and run it underneath your brownie to make sure none of it sticks to the pan. For some reason brownies stick to plastic-ware way less than silverware.

Cut Out

I laid out my heart brownies on wax paper to apply the chocolate drizzle. I then melted slightly less than half the bag of the red chocolate pieces in a Pyrex measuring cup, microwaving them for about a minute at a time with the power level set at 5 and stirring after each minute. It took about five minutes to get them fully melted. (Make sure the chocolate is completely melted through; otherwise drizzling can get messy!)

Red Chocolate

I poured the liquified chocolate into the squeeze bottle and started drizzling away! I then repeated the process with the white chocolate. Tip: For the prettiest drizzly look, move your whole arm (as opposed to just your wrist) back and forth over the brownies while squeezing the bottle as you drizzle the melted chocolate.


I ended up using the candy hearts on a few of the brownies, but I also liked how they looked without them, so I left some of them just drizzled.


Ta-da! I love these brownies because they’re simple and beautiful. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never worked with melted chocolate before– it is a breeze! This is a fun way to dress up everyday brownies and add that extra special “wow” factor. Enjoy!


What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day Treat?

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