Aqua Removable Wallpaper Ideas to Create a Statement in Your Space

These beautiful aqua removable wallpaper ideas will really create a statement in your space!

15 Gorgeous Aqua Wallpaper Ideas

I am the first to admit that I’m a bit pattern shy. When Donnie and I were engaged and were registering for gifts, I remember him making the comment, “Everything is so… solid.” 😂 And he was right.

See exhibit A…

Living Room in a Ryan Homes Palermo

our living room, with very little pattern

And exhibit B…

Main Bedroom in Aqua, White, and Gray

our bedroom, with very little pattern

For an HSP like myself, too much pattern just tends to overwhelm my senses. And– though this might sound a bit dramatic– it even stresses me out. But the longer I’ve worked on decorating and learned more about my personal design style, the more I’ve realized that pattern in smaller doses can be really fun and add a lot of interest to a space.

(Pattern in large doses can obviously be really fun too, and I’ve seen so many people pull it off SO beautifully– it’s just not my personal style.)

Pattern in Small Doses

I dipped my toes into the proverbial pattern waters shortly after we moved into our house when I decided to add removable wallpaper to the back wall of our pantry.

Organized Kitchen Pantry with Removable Wallpaper

It was definitely a baby step– one small wall that is hidden behind closed doors most of the time and is largely obscured by other items. But I was using pattern! And it was on more than just a throw pillow too!

Since my pantry pattern experiment went so well, I decided to take it a step further in my home office and stenciled a damask pattern on an entire huge wall.

Stenciled Wall in a Home Office

Whenever I show this space over on Instagram, I often get the question, “What wallpaper is that?!” But it really is stenciled with paint, I promise! (Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and Behr Marquee Cameo White, to be exact.) Just look at all of that pattern!

So when I was thinking about our itty bitty half bathroom that was in desperate need of some TLC, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring in pattern again. As a reminder, this is our boring starting point:

Half Bathroom Before Photo

Not a single pattern to be seen! (Or color, for that matter… 🤷‍♀️)

Since I’m pretty committed to sticking to my “whole house uniform” (aka my color scheme of aqua, white, and lots of neutrals), I started looking for aqua removable wallpaper in pretty patterns, and I found SO MANY cute options!

15+ Gorgeous Aqua Removable Wallpaper Ideas

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I thought it would be pretty selfish of me to keep all of these pretty papers to myself, so I thought I’d share my favorites with you as well!

Aqua Removable Wallpaper- Floral/Botanical

I’m a girly girl at heart, so when I was on my quest to find the perfect aqua removable wallpaper, I found myself being drawn to florals again and again! To me there’s just something so soothing and pretty about plants and flowers that brightens up a room immediately. (Plus, even with my black thumb, I am perfectly capable of keeping this kind of plants alive! 😉 )

I can see any of these papers adding a pop of interest to a clothes closet, a little reading corner, or a feminine bedroom.

Aqua Removable Wallpaper- Geometric

Most of the time “geometric” also means “orderly,” and you know I’m all about having order in a space! These geometric designs– albeit some more organic feeling than others– would make a perfect pop of pattern in so many different types of spaces.

I can picture these in a cute eat-in kitchen area, as the backdrop to a desk in a home office, or in a small entry or mudroom.

Aqua Removable Wallpaper- For the Kids

All of these papers could definitely be used in grown up spaces too, but I thought they would look particularly adorable in kids’ rooms. I mean, an aqua octopus paper in a kids’ bathroom? Does it even get any cuter than that?!

Any of these papers would look so sweet as an accent wall in a nursery or child’s bedroom as well. (Please someone with a little girl use the pink floral one in her room and send me a picture so I can live vicariously through you! 😂)

And the winner is…

So those were my most favorite aqua removable wallpaper options I discovered when I was doing my search! Can you guess which one I chose for our half bath?

Well, as of the date of this writing, our installation isn’t yet complete, so I worked a little Photoshop magic to be able to show you a preview of what I had in mind.

Drumroll please…

Photoshop Mockup of Half Bathroom with Aqua Removable Wallpaper

TA-DA! We chose the Norrland wallpaper from Anthropologie, and I think it is going to be SO CUTE in the space! It adds plenty of pattern, but paired with the beadboard won’t be overwhelming. There are hints of gold-ish in the stems, which will coordinate beautifully with the brass fixtures we have planned for the space. And the color scheme will flow seamlessly with the look in the rest of the house without being too matchy-matchy. I can’t wait to get it up on the walls for real!

Wallpaper can be a bit of a bear to install. I will be sure to pop in soon with my best tricks and tips for helping the process go more smoothly.

(And speaking of which, have you ever installed removable wallpaper in your house? Let me know where you used it and what you did to make the installation process easier in the comments below!)

Check back soon for more updates!

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


  1. Great Patterns!
    Is there a way to get samples of these options?

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Hi, Diane! You would have to check with the individual retailers that carry them. I’d bet at least some of them offer samples!

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