How to Create a Whole House Uniform

Learn how to create a whole house uniform that allows you to buy less decor and still have a beautiful home! Decorating seasonally doesn’t have to break the bank or add a bunch of clutter to your house!

How to Create a Whole House Uniform and Save Yourself Money and Stress

I must confess: before I was a blogger, I actually didn’t do a ton of seasonal decorating.

While I’ve always loved creating a beautiful, welcoming home, there is also a part of me that is *intensely* practical. (Also, cheap. 🙂 )

So I became torn.

I love, love, love to decorate. I love pretty things and pretty spaces.

But spending tons of money on new decor for each season didn’t really line up with that practical streak, not to mention that I would then have to find a place to store all of my newly acquired items when they weren’t in season, which didn’t really seem like the best use of my space.

Dining room with aqua walls and white hutch with fall decor, part of a whole house "uniform"

Now don’t get me wrong– there are people who LOVE to decorate for each season, buy new things, and switch out their decor often, and I think that is awesome. That is their passion and their gift and I think they should embrace it and use it to its fullest.

But in my case, I went out searching for a balance. How do I create a beautiful, welcoming home that reflects the current season without having to buy (and store) a ton of new decor all the time?

White dining room hutch decorated for fall with aqua, white, and neutral decor

Incorporating a Whole House Uniform

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You can see the solution I came up with in video format below, or keep reading to check it out in blog post/picture format!

As I was wrestling with balancing my love of decorating with my “practical” side, I got to thinking about successful people like Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Kors and several others who have simplified their lives and their decision making by adopting a uniform.

They choose to wear the same thing each day in order to free up some brain space by having to make one less decision, while always guaranteeing that they feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

And if a uniform could work for streamlining their clothing, could it work for streamlining my home as well?

White kitchen with aqua fall decor, buy less decor with a whole house uniform

So over the past few years, I’ve started experimenting more and more with the “uniform” concept for our house. It worked out well timing-wise because we had only been in our house for a short time when I started and were still making a lot of decorating decisions, so while I was at it anyway, it seemed like a good idea to streamline.

I took what I knew about my design style– that I loved lots and lots of neutrals with pops of aqua and some hints of blush pink here and there– and adopted that scheme in nearly every room of our house.

Tiered tray on kitchen counter with aqua and white fall decor

After years of trying different colors and styles, I always seem to come back to this combination. To me it is calming, welcoming, and beautiful– all things I want to experience when I spend time at home.

Benefits of Adopting a Whole House Uniform

I have been thrilled to find out that this strategy has had even more benefits than I had originally expected!

Simplifying Decorating Decisions

First, it guarantees that each room in our house will match my preferred aesthetic. I don’t have to guess at whether things will work well together– I already know that they do because I’ve used that same combination before.

woman sitting on a bed with a white headboard, gray comforter, and aqua pillows

It also makes the decor pieces I own more versatile. Since the colors and style in each room is so similar, I can easily swap things out from space to space, and everything still works well together. When I’m feeling like a room could use a fresh look, I can shop my house and make some changes without having to buy anything new.

Providing Guidelines for Buying New Items

In that sense, it has saved me money as well! I still buy new pieces occasionally, but I make sure that they can fit in with the uniform and work in multiple spaces around the house.

Dresser with a picture of a couple, a flower print, and a vase of white hydrangeas

When I buy something new, I have also been trying to go for one larger piece that can make an impact on its own for a cleaner, streamlined look, rather than a bunch of smaller items that could end up looking cluttered.

Minimizing Clutter

And speaking of which… My spaces are less cluttered, too, because I don’t need to keep as much decor around.

Since I’m committed to our “uniform,” I was able to donate or give away items that didn’t fit that particular aesthetic. It freed up space in our home, and the people who received our items were happy to put them to work in their own houses– win-win!

View of living room from kitchen in aqua, white, and neutrals as part of a whole house uniform to buy less decor

Streamlining Seasonal Decor

And of course, employing the uniform also solves my original struggle with seasonal decor.

Rather than trying to work in traditional color schemes at different times of year– like Christmas or Thanksgiving, for example– I have just stuck with the palette that I know I love in our home and have added seasonal touches in those colors. (Though I do occasionally still bring out the red at Christmas!)

Fall living room with aqua, white, and neutral decor

This way, my same basic pieces work for most of the year. I add more flowers (real and faux) in the spring and summer, pop in a few pumpkins in the fall, and add some extra sparkle and a few trees for Christmas. But I can use many of my pillows, throws, and tchotchkes all year around.

Incorporating a Whole House Uniform in Your Own Home

I realize that the “whole house uniform” philosophy definitely won’t be for everyone. If you love to go all out with traditional seasonal decor or are a color lover and it makes you happy to have all different colors throughout the house, go for it!

That’s what I love so much about creating a home. There’s no one “right” answer. Everyone will have styles and color schemes that make them happy, and they can incorporate those into the spaces they come home to each day!

Centerpiece of white hydrangeas in an aqua jar and white pumpkins sitting in a square wooden tray on an off-white coffee table

But if you’re looking to streamline a bit, maybe consider giving the uniform strategy a try. It definitely doesn’t have to be done all at once. I’ve spent years working on our house, and I still have a long list of things I want to do! I’ve just moved in that direction slowly over time.

And your “uniform” can look completely different than mine. Pinpoint what you love, the colors and styles you seem to be using a lot of anyway, and use those as a starting point.

Then when you’re adding new elements to your home, simply choose items that fit that aesthetic. It definitely doesn’t have to be complicated!

woman decorating a white entertainment unit with aqua, white, and neutral fall decor

Help Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Home

My friend Corey from Hey There, Home is a genius when it comes to creating color schemes for your whole house, and she has a free printable cheat sheet that can help walk you through the process. Snag it by clicking the button below.

And if you want to dig even deeper, you can take Corey’s free class, 3 Simple Steps for Choosing and Using Color in Your House Like a Pro, by signing up right here.

It’s totally possible to have a beautiful, seasonal home you love without having to spend big bucks on decor all the time or add a bunch of clutter to your house. The whole house uniform philosophy– while not for everyone– can be a huge help in streamlining your space and helping you fall in love with it all over again!

Let me know in the comments below– what is your favorite color scheme to use in your home??

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Create a Whole House Uniform to Save Money, Space, and Stress!

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  1. Lindsay Aratari says:

    I love the whole uniform idea! Your home flows so beautifully together!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Aw, thanks so much, Lindsay! Hope you’re having an awesome week! <3

      ~Abby =)

  2. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says:

    You have such a beautiful home! I’m one of those who used to decorate differently each season – and wound up having to rent a storage unit to house all the stuff. Now I’ve changed my decorating approach and I’m getting rid of most of it.. LOL.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      I totally understand how it could get to that point when decorating for each season. It can get overwhelming quickly!

      ~Abby =)

  3. Bethany Crisp says:

    These are such great tips! I love your home!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Aw, thanks so much, Bethany! Happy Friday! <3

      ~Abby =)

  4. Jenna Shaughnessy says:

    I always love your home, Abby! Your color palette is so soft, fun and summery! It always makes me smile 🙂

    So happy to be touring with you today, friend!

    xo Jenna

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      You’re too sweet! Thank you, Jenna! Have a great weekend! <3

      ~Abby =)

  5. Rachel K Paxton says:

    Love all of your minimalist decorating tips, Abby!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Thanks so much, sweet friend! Happy weekend! <3

      ~Abby =)

  6. I have found that I love to decorate for each season! However, you are right it causes a storage and budget issue which is not good. I have finally learned to pair down. I also swap a lot with my mom and sister. Then things feel new! Love your home and style!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      I love that idea of swapping with your mom and sister! I’m sure they love it, too! 🙂

      ~Abby =)

  7. I “Zuckerberged” my home a few years ago. 4 times a year, I change candles, table runners & pillows, silk flowers – that’s it. Amazing the difference the rooms look as accent color goes from pastel spring, bright summer, earthy fall, red and white winter. Friends think I do major change up, but really only about 6-7 items are changed. I get to enjoy all the seasonal decor fun without the work (and off season storage issues)

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      LOVE this! It really is easy to transform a room with just a few simple changes! Thanks so much for sharing, Gail. Have a wonderful week! <3

      ~Abby =)

  8. Carol@BlueskyatHome says:

    Great approach Abby. Certainly makes for easier decor choices. I love aqua (even our sofa is aqua!) and pink too.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      An aqua couch… you’re totally speaking my language! 🙂 Love it. Hope you’re having a great week, Carol!

      ~Abby =)

  9. Dannyelle @ Life is a Party says:

    Your “uniform” is beautiful. The aqua is so welcoming. Love your airy, minimalist feel.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Aw, thanks so much, Dannyelle! Hope you have a wonderful week! <3

      ~Abby =)

  10. I am a big color person. I only use four favorite colors; golds, corals, Apple green, and cobalt, plus natural wood mostly oak. My wardrobe has all the same colors!. However, because I stay in the same color scheme things can still be moved from room to room. Seasonal decorating is mostly traditional, but blends with my walls and furniture.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Yes! It makes it much simpler, doesn’t it? Your color combinations sound beautiful… thanks so much for sharing, Debbie! <3

      ~Abby =)

  11. heather curle says:

    less is always more! In the process of getting rid of a lot of small knickknacks! feels great! love the colors of your home!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Absolutely! Thanks so much, Heather! Hope you’re having a great week! <3

      ~Abby =)

  12. I always preferred simplicity but I was almost alone with this opinion. I like Scandinavian and Japanese decor as they are usually plainer. Thanks for showing me that I am not alone. 🙂

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      So glad it was helpful for you, Kata! <3

      ~Abby =)

  13. This is super helpful. We sold everything we own to travel full-time and now need to restart from scratch! In our case it’s really less is more. Thanks so much.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      So glad it was helpful for you, Lee! What an awesome adventure… enjoy!

      ~Abby =)

  14. Abby,

    Love your look! Your home is so welcoming and bright. Many great and useful ideas that certainly prove the “wardrobe” concept and the versatility that is gained with a neutral/light/white background. Your accent pieces/accessories can be any color you gravitate towards and if used in the “whole house” manner, it gives continuity and the ability to “shop your home”. A tip from a decorator years ago – she said “always buy in pairs”, referring to such things as lamps, side tables, chairs, nightstands, vases/things to hold greenery or flowers, etc. You may not always use them together as pairs but you have that ability if you want to. I liked Gail’s reply about doing just a 4 season accessory change If use faux greenery and flowers I always add some water in any clear glass container to give a look of “the real stuff”, just add a drop or two of bleach and change weekly. I’m enjoying the tour and look forward to your future blog postings.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Jill! I love that tip… I will definitely tuck that one away! 🙂

      Hope you have a great week! <3

      ~Abby =)

  15. This whole idea of having a uniform for your home is a totally new concept for me – and I LOVE it! Such a great way to minimize purchases but make your house look like one cohesive unit. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Aw so glad it was helpful! Thank you so much for your sweet words! Hope you’re having a great week, Michelle!

  16. Your home is beautiful and I would love it in Spring and Summer, as rhe aqua speaks to my inner mermaid, however for Autumn and Winter I would need to warm it up and make it feel cozy with the appropriate colors.
    I do not know how you keep all of your white furniture and decor clean if you have kids and/or pets. It is beautiful, but looks like a ton of work!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      It’s really not so bad! The slip covers are easy to wash! 🙂

      ~Abby =)

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