Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

Happy Friday, friends! If you follow my blog on a regular basis, today’s project might look familiar. Confession: I sort of cheated. My beautiful lacy luminaries were originally part of the decor for my little sister’s bridal shower, which I talked about earlier this week…

Bridal Shower | JustaGirlAndHerBlog.com

See? But actually, I’m just being resourceful and environmentally responsible and using them for a dual purpose, right? Right. 😉 So whatever you may want to use them for, you’d have to know how to make them first, and that is what I am going to show you today!


To put together my luminaries/centerpieces, I used…

Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com
  • Scissors
  • Thin Gold Ribbon
  • Mason Jar {The wide mouth kind worked well because it was easier to put in the candles.}
  • Decoupage {I used matte finish.}
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
  • Lace


Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

I began by putting a layer of decoupage on the entire outside of my mason jar (1). My method wasn’t particularly scientific for this; I just made sure the whole thing was covered.

Then I took a piece of lace that was slightly taller than the mason jar and slightly longer than the circumference and wrapped it around the jar (2).

I put another layer of decoupage on top of the lace and painted some on the bottom of the jar as well (3).

I pressed the excess lace down on the bottom of the mason jar, painting over it with decoupage to help it stay in place (4).

I let the decoupage dry for 24 hours, then I trimmed the lace at the top of the jar so that it stopped right under the area where the lid twists on (5).

Finally, I wrapped a piece of thin gold ribbon around the top of the jar where the lace ended, securing it in the back with some hot glue (6).

That’s it! For the bridal shower, I made 12 large mason jars, 8 standard sized jars, 8 jelly jars, and 2 mini jars, and it only took one afternoon + drying time. Quick and easy, plus the obvious perk of serving multiple functions! Win!

I think these jars will be a beautiful way to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween, but who am I kidding… they’ll only be worried about the candy! Oh well, maybe their moms will enjoy them! 😀

Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com
Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com
Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Christy@Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer says:

    These are awesome. I seriously might be stealing this idea! XO

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you, friend! Steal away! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      ~Abby =)

  2. Lindsay Eidahl says:

    These are so cute! I love the way they look on your front walkway.

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you so much, Lindsay! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      ~Abby =)

  3. Simple idea but they look great, definitely great to put out at halloween 🙂

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thanks so much, Nadine! Have a great day!

      ~Abby =)

  4. Kathi weaver says:

    Alexa has tutored me…….love seeing your mason jar candles again!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Yay! So glad you figured it out! It was great to see you guys at the shower! Hope everyone is doing well!

      ~Abby =)

  5. Emily, Our house now a home says:

    I love this, this project is yet another reason I feel justified in having so many mason jars around the house. There are sooooo many uses for them! I like this idea, a not so typical way to make it feel spooky and Haloween-ish!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      I agree! Mason jars are good for so many things! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Emily! Have a great day!

      ~Abby =)

  6. Are these safe for real burning candles , or are you using battery candles ?

    1. justagirlabby says:

      I used real votives and they were fine. The lace is on the outside of the jar, so it wouldn’t come in contact with the flame. If you were worried about it, you could definitely used battery operated ones. Have a great weekend!

      ~Abby =)

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