An Update: The 2 Big Organizing Projects I Wanted to Tackle in 2019

I wanted to tackle two major organizing projects in 2019– our basement and our laundry room– along with three smaller organizing projects. Come see where I succeeded and where I failed!

Did we get these spaces organized in 2019?

It’s kind of hard to believe we’re about to say goodbye to 2019! Per usual, the year (and the decade, for that matter!) felt like it flew by!

At the beginning of the year, I made some goals for organizing projects I wanted to accomplish in 2019, and since I shared those goals with you, I thought I’d give a little update to let you know how they went!

3 Small Organizing Goals for 2019

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Before I get to the great BIG organizing goals I set for myself in 2019, I wanted to talk about three smaller ones.

Our Boys’ Shared Bedroom

First, I had said that I wanted to add a display shelf in my boys’ shared room because they had brought in a ton of stuff to their space. I wanted them to be able to personalize their room, but the chaos of it all was driving me bonkers!

Here’s what it looked like before:

A Shared Boys' Room with Cluttered Walls

See what I mean?!

In June we managed to add a simple, inexpensive wall-to-wall shelf over their beds so they still had a place to display their items, but they also had some boundaries so everything didn’t look so cluttered and crazy.

Shared Kids' Bedroom with Wall-to-Wall Shelf

The shelf did the trick! They’re happy to have their stuff, and mama is happy that it’s at least a little bit organized! 🙂

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The Guest Bedroom

My second small goal was to spruce up the guest room. I had mentioned the closet specifically, but once I took a look at what I needed to store in there, the current setup was actually the most ideal, so I didn’t mess with it.

In February, I did finally get around to decorating the rest of the space to make it more welcoming for guests. Here’s what it looked like before:

Bare Guest Bedroom Before Photo

And after adding a headboard, bedding, and some accessories, here’s what it looks like now:

Beautiful, Organized Guest Bedroom in Pink, Gray, and White

I didn’t do a ton of straight up “organization” in this space, but it certainly feels more “settled” than it did before.

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The Master Bedroom

In our bedroom I had said that I wanted to find nightstands that had storage and were also pretty! I loved our previous nightstands, but they didn’t have drawers, which was more of an issue than I had anticipated.

Bare Master Bedroom Before Photo

I moved the previous nightstands into our guest room, and after looking at just about every nightstand on the internet, I found the perfect ones for our space! In July, I also managed to give the rest of the room a little spruce up, and it now looks like this:

Cozy and Serene Master Bedroom in Aqua, Gray, and White

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So I ended up meeting all three of the small organizing goals that I set for myself. (Though two of them– the guest room and the master– ended up turning into bigger, full room projects anyway!) What about my two BIG organizing goals for the year?

2 Big Organizing Goals for 2019

The Basement

My #1 organizing priority for 2019 was to get our basement in order. It had been on my list for 2018, and I failed miserably. The space was actually messier at the end of 2018 than it had been at the beginning!

Cluttered Basement Before Photo

So I started plugging away at the basement in January, and though it ended up taking longer than I expected, we finally finished it up in March. It has been awesome to have a neat and tidy storage/workshop space where we can easily find what we need when we need it!

Organized Basement

We brought in shelving to store our bins of seasonal decor and sentimental items.

Basement Nook with Storage Shelves
Organized Storage Bins of Seasonal Decor and Sentimental Items

We organized Donnie’s workshop, including finding awesome storage solutions for all of his tools.

Organized Tools in a Basement Workshop

And we corralled our DIY supplies in bins on shelving units.

DIY Supplies in an Organized Basement

We even still had space for Connor’s hockey practice area!

Hockey Practice Area in Organized Basement

We may finish the basement with actual drywall and rooms way down the road, but right now it is functioning really well for us in its unfinished state, and we’re happy with it the way it is.

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The Laundry Room

The second big organizing project I wanted to tackle in 2019 was our laundry room. It actually wasn’t really unorganized, per se. The setup just wasn’t ideal.

Bare Laundry Room Before Photo

We just had one wire shelf above our washer and dryer units, and since I’m short, I can barely reach it. I also didn’t love having our laundry supplies on display, so I wanted to bring in a cabinet or two to hide them instead.

Our laundry room today? It looks pretty much exactly the same. Oops.

Bare Laundry Room Today

Goal failed!

It seemed like every time I would try to start planning the laundry project this year, something else would pull me away. And since it was functioning just fine the way it was and it will be an expensive, time consuming project to get it looking the way I want it, I just kept putting it off and putting it off.

While I’m excited to have a pretty AND organized laundry room eventually, I’m okay with the fact that it didn’t happen in 2019. We still have clean clothes and even somewhat un-smelly hockey gear most of the time, so I’d say we’re doing okay. 🙂

Coming up…

So that’s we accomplished (and didn’t accomplish!) in 2019! I have some big organizing goals for 2020 too– see what they are in this post!

Coming Soon: Impactful Habits, Organized Home!

If you have organizing goals for 2020 as well, I just might have the perfect resource to help! On Tuesday, January 21st, we are launching our very first full-fledged organizing course, Impactful Habits, Organized Home!

Impactful Habits, Organized Home |

The goal of the course its to help build the important habits needed to keep our homes organized for the long haul while working through 6 essential organizing projects:

  • Organizing the Entryway
  • Organizing the Kitchen
  • Organizing Clothing
  • Organizing the Bathrooms
  • Organizing the Office
  • Organizing Storage Spaces

I am naturally pretty scatterbrained, and I used to think that meant that I just wouldn’t ever be organized. But through years of working on organization in my own home, I’ve realized that it’s not something that you either “have” or “don’t have” once and for all.

Organization is a set of skills and habits that can be learned and honed over time. It was so freeing to figure out that I wasn’t stuck with my clutter. There was something I could do about it.

Impactful Habits, Organized Home shares the systems and habits that have helped take our home from cluttered mess to generally organized, and I hope that it will help you experience the peace and calm that comes with cutting the clutter and getting organized as well!

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I’d love to hear about the projects you accomplished in 2019– let me know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. at home with Ashley says:

    I’ve loved following along with all these transformations this year, so it’s fun to see them again.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Thanks so much for following along, Ashley! Hope your year is off to a great start!

      ~Abby =)

  2. Kathryn Griffin says:

    Abby, I love the shelf over your son’s beds! It really makes the room so much neater. It really gave it a high end look! Happy New Year! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      Thanks so much, Kathryn! Hope you have a great week!

      ~Abby =)

  3. Raquel Linder says:

    I love the work you have done. Over the last year, I personally have been wanting to take on more of a minimalist mindset when it comes to our home. I never pushed for our family of 8 to take part, but I would talk about how I was getting rid of half my closet and shrinking it down to one dresser. I also got rid of almost all craft supplies except those involving yarn and fabric and dedicated myself to using up the yarn I already have and used my fabric scraps to make small gifts for family over Christmas. My scrapbooking and other art supplies I have cut down to only one shelf of my 5-shelf bookcase. I decided to be really good at a few things instead of “knowing how” to do everything. I even told my husband that with the exception of undergarments, I want to make all my own clothes. If I need a new blouse for work, I will make it and so on. My husband and the 4 older children all thought I was crazy, but over the last 6 months my husband has started changing our furniture up to smaller pieces because he said the house was too crowded for the big bulky items we had. Our oldest 12yr old daughter even got rid of a large contractor sized trash bag of old toys and stuffed animals between Christmas and the New year. It is like seeing a dream come true that I didn’t have to nag and complain and threaten kids with groundings to see happen.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      YES! I love how everyone just followed your example without you even having to ask! That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing, Raquel! Sounds like your year is off to a great start! <3

      ~Abby =)

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