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Have a Ball Printable Valentines

Use our free printable Valentines to make a cute bouncy ball Valentine gift that classmates will love!

Free Printable "Have a Ball" Valentines

I always loved Valentine’s Day as a kid. It was so fun to put together an extra special little treat for each one of my classmates and proudly deliver each one to their (often homemade) Valentine mailboxes at school. It was a joy to then open my own Valentine box and “ooh” and “aah” over all of the little Valentine’s Day trinkets I have been given as well!

My excitement for Valentine’s Day hasn’t really waned as an adult, either. I still love creating fun little Valentine gifts for my boys to hand out. And since Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, so it’s time to start thinking about which Valentines we’ll be sending to school with the kiddos!

I have several free printable Valentine options here on the blog, and I have another cute one to share with you today! These “Have a Ball” and “I Like How You Roll” printable Valentine cards are perfect when paired with any type of fun ball that the kids would enjoy playing with. Let’s get to it!

Free Printable Bouncy Ball Valentine

This printable features a brightly colored kids’ Valentine card, inspired by some cute light up balls I found in recently. They are oh-so-simple to put together in just a few minutes. (And they’re easy enough for the kids to help with too!)

Here’s what you’ll need to create these “Have a Ball” printable Valentines:

supplies needed to make bouncy ball printable valentine cards

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Bouncy Ball Valentine Supplies

1. Print the bouncy ball Valentine cards.

I actually created two different printable tags that can be used with this Valentine. One says, “I always have a ball with you!” And the other says, “I like how you roll!” You can download both versions below.

Free Printable Bouncy Ball Themed Valentine Cards

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I like to print the designs on white card stock, just to make the Valentines a little sturdier, though if you don’t have any card stock around, plain paper would work just fine too.

2. Cut out the Valentine tags.

These Valentines are really easy to put together! I simply cut out the printables… (I used a paper slicer because I like that it makes nice, straight lines and is really quick, but scissors would definitely work as well!)

cutting the Valentine's cards with a paper trimmer

3. Punch the holes and sign the bouncy ball Valentine cards.

I then used a hole punch to create a hole in one corner of the cards, and my son signed his name at the bottom of each one.

top view of cut and signed bouncy ball valentine cards

4. Assemble all of the pieces of the free printable Valentines.

While Connor was signing away, I cut the cellophane wrapping paper into about 12″ x 12″ squares. I then put one of the light up balls in the middle of the square and wrapped the cellophane around it.

bouncy ball wrapped in a cellophane gift bag

(If you can’t find cellophane wrapping paper for some reason, small cellophane bags would also work for this project.)

I slid a piece of ribbon through the hole in the printable tag…

ribbon threaded through the printable card

…and tied the tag around the cellophane.

ribbon and card tied around the bag with the bouncy ball

I used a pair of scissors to curl the ribbon, and we were done!

curled ribbon around the top of the bag

Now the bouncy ball Valentines are all ready to be delivered to friends at school! The kids will love the light up balls, paired with a cute punny card.

top view of the finished bouncy ball valentine's cards

It’s always fun to come up with a new Valentine idea for my kids each year, and it’s an easy activity for us to be able to do together, which makes it even better. 🙂 I hope your little one will enjoy giving these Valentines to their friends as well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Have a Ball Free Printable Valentines

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How to Make Bouncy Ball Valentine Cards

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Use our free printable to make a cute bouncy ball Valentine gift and card that classmates will love!


  • Light Up Balls (similar ones here)
  • Clear Cellophane Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbon of Your Choice
  • Hole Punch
  • Paper Slicer and/or Scissors
  • Printables (provided below)


  • Print out the cards. Find the links for the downloads in the post above.
  • Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut out the tags.
  • Hole punch each Valentine's card in the top corner.
  • Add the balls to cellophane bags.
  • Thread the ribbon through the hole in the card and tie around the top of the cellophane to close.
  • Curl the ends of the ribbon using scissors.
  • Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


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