Free Printable Packing List for Organized Travel

This free printable packing list will help you stay organized when you travel for vacation! There are filled in and blank versions so you can choose the packing list that works best for you!

Free Printable Packing List with Two Options

Despite the fact that spring has taken its grand old time making an appearance this year, summer vacation time will be here before we know it! Yippee!!

I always start to hyperventilate a little when I think about alllllll the things that we need to do in preparation for our trip, so I’m starting nice and early this year by creating a pretty and organized packing list!

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Free Packing List Printable

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Because I know people have different strategies when it comes to packing up for vacation, I created to options for the list.

The first one has suggested items that you could bring, with lines to write the quantity you want to pack for each item. There are also some blank lines where you can fill in extra items that I haven’t listed.

Free Printable List of Things to Pack when You Go on Vacation

Click here to download the filled in packing list!

Others may just want a blank slate to organize their packing, and that totally works too! The second version of the printable packing list is simply broken down into six categories– clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, entertainment, and miscellaneous– with blank boxes so you can write in whatever your little heart desires! 🙂

Free Printable Blank Packing List Broken Down by Category

Click here to download the blank packing list!

So hopefully whether you’re traveling to Disney World, going on an Alaskan cruise, heading to the woods to go camping, or going hiking in the mountains, these pretty packing lists can help you get organized for your trip!

Along with filling them out and using them to guide my packing before we leave, I also bring the list along so I can double check and make sure we have everything before we come home. (Can you tell I’ve forgotten things at the hotel one too many times? Oops!)

Free Printable Packing List for Getting Organized when You Travel on Vacation

If you’re looking for more ideas for organized travel, you can see how I pack our organized suitcases in this post. (There is even a video!)

Organized Suitcase for Traveling on Vacation

pretty packing cubes | my favorite travel toiletry bag

And get some creative ideas for traveling with toddlers and preschoolers in this post. (My boys still beg me to do a lot of these things when we travel even as elementary schoolers now!)

Do you make a packing list when you go on trips, or do you just wing it? Tell me about your strategy in the comments!

Happy Packing!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.


  1. Cindy Eikenberg says:

    Abby, I just love this packing list! I usually make lists, too, when we are going away but just on a plain old piece of paper – this so much better! Thank you for sharing and I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip. Unplug, relax and enjoy and we’ll miss you!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you so much, Cindy! I’m looking forward to lots of relaxing… we’ll see if the Cs cooperate with that plan, lol! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      ~Abby =)

  2. Amber @ lifewithfarmboys says:

    Love the printable. I would love to learn to make these so I am excited about the tutorial!! : )

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you so much, Amber! Have fun making the printables!

      ~Abby =)

  3. Emily @ My Love for Words says:

    I love the sun and moon idea for the bags. Anything that helps the kiddos to be more independent is great in my book. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you so much, Emily! I second you on that one! Con is starting to get more and more independent, but Caleb (who is 2 1/2) is constantly telling me, “I’m not a big boy, mommy. I’m a BABY.” Lol. It’s his excuse for everything– he’s too smart for his own good! 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

      ~Abby =)

  4. Shannon {Cozy Country Living} says:

    I am a big list maker- so I just love these:) Thanks! Pinned:)

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Hooray for a fellow list maker! Aren’t lists just the best?! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by, Shannon! Have a wonderful weekend!

      ~Abby =)

    2. kkwhitaker says:

      eeeeeee same. You helped me so much

  5. Christine at More Than Mommies says:

    Your the best! I have a weekend trip coming up in a couple of weeks–I’m pinning these printables for the occasion! Thanks!!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thanks so much, Christine! Have a great time on your trip! Sounds like fun!!

      ~Abby =)

  6. Corey @ Tinysidekick says:

    Have a blast! Puerto Rico is one of my favorite places 🙂 And since your kids are going to pretty much be able to find their clothes and dress them selves cause their mommy is super organized, you’ll be able to sit back and relax!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thanks, Corey! I’ve only been there once before and that was about 15 years ago, so I’m excited to go again! And my parents and sister are actually coming too, so we’ll have some help with the kids and may even be able to sneak off for a date night or two. Woo hoo! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

      ~Abby =)

  7. Definitely pinning this printable for my two weeks in Africa this summer. I’m already stressing how I’m gonna keep myself limited to one suitcase. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Africa?! How amazing! What a wonderful opportunity– have a blast! Thanks so much for stopping by, Paige! Enjoy your weekend!

      ~Abby =)

  8. Mama Lissy says:

    I love the packing list. It makes me WANT to pack, too bad I’m not leaving- on a jet plane!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Lol! Thanks so much! Maybe you need to plan an impromptu trip! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend!

      ~Abby =)

  9. Denise Ross says:

    Hi Abby, just wishing you a wonderful vacation. Treasure time with your family. Love from real summertime Australia x

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you so much, Denise! I’m jealous that it’s your summer now! I’m sure you’re enjoying it! Have a great week!

      ~Abby =)

  10. Krista @thehappyhousie says:

    That plastic bag idea is so creative Abby- I may have to give that a try. Hope you have a wonderful family trip!!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thank you, friend! Sometimes I think the bag thing is even more helpful for my husband than it is for the Cs, lol. Maybe I should start packaging their everyday clothes that way… 😉 Have a great day!

      ~Abby =)

  11. Uh…. LOVE the plastic bag idea!! I might just have to try that next time we go away. Have fun and stay off your computer!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Lol! Thanks! I did– for the most part! 😀 Hope you’re having a great week, Renee!

      ~Abby =)

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  14. I love this list! I started following your blog this weekend. It is wonderful. My family of 4 is getting ready for a vacation and I was just telling my husband that I am going to try packing the kids clothes in zip lock bags this time…especially the 5 year old’s. This list will make it so much easier for me to make sure I get everything for myself and the kids. Hubby is on his own! 🙂

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Thanks, Beth! LOVE the plastic bag method! It has seriously made our vacations so much easier! (And yes, totally make hubby fend for himself! 😉 ) Have a wonderful trip!

      ~Abby =)

  15. I LOVE LIST also!!! All your printables are just wonderful. I always start working on a packing list as far out as I can and add to a “vacation box” that I have. This will make me feel more polished than just a sheet of notebook paper.

  16. Thanks for the Packing List! I always make a list when packing, suitcase(s) and carryons, just always hand written and then thrown away.
    Could not have come at a better time, my family of 5 are leaving in 2 1/2 weeks to go back home to California (from Tennessee) to visit my son, d-i-l, grand daughter, and brand new grand son 🙂
    Thank you for some great printables!

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  18. About 10 years ago, I was flying (alone) round trip between Mississippi and California and I used to have very detailed packing lists. I had two checked bags and two carry-on bags – including my laptop PC -, so I made one list per bag with a copy of that list in the bag and a master copy in my carry on stuff that had all four lists. This made sure I did not unintentionally leave anything at the wrong end of my trips… and it made an easy packing list for the return trip too, so I knew not only what to pack, but also where it would best fit. The lists also served as a checklist in case anything came up missing, which luckily did not happen.

    I still do packing lists when my hubby and I travel, but I am now all about condensing the luggage to one bag (shared if the trip is short – 2 or 3 days). If the trip is a week or longer, we each take one bag… and maybe our laptops.

    In the past, I never bothered making the lists pretty… but I am pinning this page to remind me to be a bit less detailed in listing our stuff. I no longer need a 4 page packing list. 🙂

  19. Mrs. Brown says:

    Hi Abby! Thank you for the wonderful list. I love that its functional and pretty! One thing I think you should add. would be monthly feminine products. I didn’t find them on the list anywhere. Even if an older Mama is traveling with her teenage daughters, she may not need them but, the girls will and they never know when they are about to start. I would recommend taking a few and you can get more if the inevitable happens. That would be a horrible situation if there wasn’t at least an emergency supply for that instance. Thanks again. Love the list! God BLess You!

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Very true! Thanks for the suggestion! <3

      ~Abby =)

  20. We usually have a full kitchen, though it is a vacation and we don’t necessarily cook that much. my husband is responsible for the kitchen. Everyone is responsible for their clothing, toiletries and entertainments. I love your list and I never pack light. Every time I have tried something desperate has been left off. I would rather have a few things I don’t need than have to spend my vacation time in the local drug store shopping for something I have. This philosophy works for car trips that are a few hours from home.

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      So glad it was helpful for you, Barbara!

      ~Abby =)

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