A Beautifully Organized Living Room

Love this gorgeous and organized living room from Lauren at Bless'er House! She really incorporates storage into the space so beautifully! Click through to the post to see how she does it!

Abby Lawson, Just a Girl and Her BlogWelcome back to another installment of this summer’s My Favorite Organized Space series! I am so thrilled to be welcoming my dear friend Lauren from Bless’er House to share her gorgeous (and extremely organized!) living room today! At first glance, you may not even notice how much storage Lauren has packed into her space, but she has truly made the most of every inch. I’ll let her give you the grand tour…

Hey y’all! I’m Lauren from Bless’er House, and I am so thrilled that Abby invited me over for a quick tour of my favorite organized space.

If you’ve never visited my little blog, my husband Robert and I share all about our DIY journey in our suburban builder grade house that we’ve diligently worked at turning into our modern farmhouse. We have all kinds of mishaps along the way, but we thoroughly enjoy every single adventure being new parents and first-time homeowners.

So welcome to my favorite organized space in our house, our living room.

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1. How do you and/or your family use this space day to day?

Our living room is definitely the most used room in our house since I blog full-time, often sitting right on that couch writing late at night after our daughter, Olivia, goes to bed. It’s where Olivia and I sprawl out and solve jigsaw puzzles together or play dolls or read books.

Many evenings, after Robert gets home from work, we’ll have a family movie night or we’ll play hide and seek in here since that’s lately been Olivia’s favorite game.

If the day comes that we have to move out of this house, our living room is the room I’ll probably miss the most.

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2. What are some of the systems you’ve implemented to help the space stay organized?

Hands down, one of the absolute best ways we stay organized in our living room is by utilizing our coffee table. I found this coffee table on Craigslist for $50 a couple of years ago, and I gave it a full card catalog style makeover. It’s perfect for us because we can hide Olivia’s toys with its liftable top.

coffee table 1

And I put labels on the drawers to organize our DVDs by genre.

coffee table 2

3. What did you do to make sure this space was both functional and beautiful at the same time?

I try to incorporate as much pretty storage as I can to hide the clutter and make cleaning up a quick process (for when we have unexpected last minute company walk through our front door).

But the storage also has to fit in with our style, and I like choosing furniture and decor that serves that dual purpose. I have a bit of an addiction to wire bins and woven baskets.

For instance, I picked up this wicker trunk from IKEA a while ago that I use as an end table.

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It doubles as storage for our blankets since we love snuggling up under them when we’re sitting on our sofas having Netflix marathons watching The Office and Friends re-runs.

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4. Do you have any funny/happy/sweet/interesting stories about this space?

By far, my favorite wall in our house is in our living room that holds all of our favorite family photos since Robert and I got married 5 years ago.

Every time I look at our gallery wall, I’m instantly reminded of some of our best memories like family vacations, some of Olivia’s first moments as a baby, the town and street where Robert and I grew up, and even one of our favorite songs that I printed sheet music of and framed.

It seems fitting that this wall is literally the very center, the very heart of our home.

Decorating Around a TV (2 of 1)

And of course… there’s more DVD storage. Because we kind of have a movie hoarding problem in our house.

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We redesigned this media cabinet from an old buffet we bought on Craigslist a few months ago (you wouldn’t believe what it used to look like), and it has been perfect for our storage needs. It’s awesome for hiding my camera gear and most of our electronics too.

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5. What is it about this organized space that makes it your favorite?

I love that we have a system going in here and it’s easy to give it a quick cleaning since everything has a place, but really my favorite part is that it holds our very first big home improvement project that we ever attempted in our house.

There’s a saying that goes, “If you ever want to test your marriage, try hanging wallpaper together.” Robert and I test our marriage pretty much every weekend, if that’s the case.

summer tour (5 of 2)

We built this faux fireplace ourselves (yes, it’s 100% fake) where it was once just a blank wall, and from there we discovered so much about our abilities as a team. Projects go awry sometimes, but it’s those moments that teach us to persevere and turn a mistake into a triumph.

I think that’s such a big testament to marriage itself- to overcome when you spill paint or hit a snag. What matters is that you take a deep breath together and keep working through those challenges.

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Thank you so much for reading about this little home of mine. I would love to have you stop by for a visit over on my blog! You can follow our adventures over on Instagram too.

And thank you so much to my sweet friend, Abby, for having me!


Abby Lawson, Just a Girl and Her BlogThank you so much for sharing your beautifully organized living room with us, Lauren! It truly is gorgeous!

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Have a wonderful week!



  1. What a pretty space! And I am loving the coffee table. Items that are both functional and lovely are my favorite!

  2. I love furniture that serves a dual purpose! It definitely helps to store all the little things. I’m getting ready to redo my coffee table with chalk paint. It has just one large drawer that you can pull out from either side and I can’t wait to get r done and put r back in the family room! Haven’t heard that in a long time! 🙂

  3. Ashley Levy says:

    I absolutely LOVE your style!!! By the way, what IS your favorite song? You’ve got me wondering!

  4. Kristen@MakingHome says:

    What a beautiful living room! I love the gallery walls!!

  5. Thank you so much, again, for having me Abby!

  6. Marie - Family and the Lake House says:

    Oh my goodness! Loved this! Okay, so now I’m on the hunt for a basket with a lid for blankets!! How awesome that you featured Lauren! Great job, ladies!

    1. Thank you, Marie! You can find the one I got at IKEA. It’s called the BYHOLMA Chest. No idea how you pronounce that though. 😉

  7. Wow, beautiful living room. I love all the storage! My mouth hit the floor when you said you got the coffee table for $50 and gave it a makeover…GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to check out more of your blog, Lauren. Great job ladies!

    1. Thank you so much, Heather! I couldn’t believe it was only $50 either. Apparently no one else could see the potential in the little coffee table that could. 🙂

  8. This is incredible! Thank you for sharing! The living room always feels so cluttered and unorganized! I feel like with my little ones, it’s impossible to keep up. But this gives me great hope that I really can keep the living room organized and beautiful!

  9. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous, Lauren! I love how bright and open it is! I dream of having a living space like this someday. I love all the hidden storage spaces as well. How creative! Thank you so much for sharing. ~ Melissa @ The Simple Things in Life

  10. Garden State Soapstone says:

    Beautiful living room! Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Karen Decker says:

      I have that same coffee table and would like to paint it EXACTLY as you have done. Do you have directions and colors you used?

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