8 Organized Entryway Essentials

Create an organized entryway that’s both practical and beautiful so that entering and leaving the house can happen quickly and easily!

8 Organized Entryway Essentials

In my experience, I have found that entryways tend to be magnets for clutter. It’s so tempting to walk in the door and just drop everything we happen to be holding in the entry to be dealt with “later.”

But a cluttered, unorganized entry can turn into a big problem when we can’t find what we need as we’re heading out the door. The mess can easily cause frustration and wasted time.

After years of studying, tweaking, organizing, and decluttering our own entry, I have found several essential elements that have helped us keep our entryway as tidy as possible.

Organized pantry with decanted baking items, pasta, and spices

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8 Entryway Organization Ideas to Save Your Sanity

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Our current house has two “entries,” a small area when you come in the front door, and a mudroom entry from the garage. Though everyone’s entry area will be different, hopefully these tips and tricks will be helpful no matter what size entry you’re dealing with.

1. Add a storage piece for an organized entryway.

Everyone’s exact needs will be different due to the size and layout of their entryway, but most entry spaces can benefit from an added piece of storage furniture.

The area just inside our front door is pretty small, but I was able to find a narrow cabinet that was a perfect fit.

Small Entryway with Narrow Gray Entry Cabinet

Our half bath, which is right inside our entryway, doesn’t have any storage at all, so this cabinet holds essentials like toilet paper and extra soap.

Entry Storage Cabinet Organized

I also keep sunscreen and bug spray in a clear container inside the cabinet so they are easy to put on as we’re heading out the door.

Finally, I had found that my boys were always running upstairs to grab crayons and markers from their playroom for school projects, so I saved them a trip by creating a small portable art station in one side of the entry cabinet.

Portable Art Station for Kids

2. Make it easier to hang items with hooks.

One of my biggest rules for getting everyone in the house on board with staying organized is that the easier it is for people to put things away, the more likely they’ll be to do it.

As far as hanging things goes, hooks tend to be easier for people than hangers. Because of this, we installed hooks in our mudroom to make the chances higher of my boys hanging their jackets and book bags rather than just throwing them on the floor.

Organized Mudroom with Jackets on Hooks

We typically keep the jacket that each boy wears most often each season on their hook and leave the rest of their coats in the closet so that the hooks don’t become too cluttered.

3. Bring in baskets for shoes.

When I first organized our entry closet, my plan was for us to set our shoes in neat rows on shelves I had installed for that purpose.

Organized Coat Closet with Shoes Lined Up

Whenever I made that plan, I forgot to take into account that I have elementary-aged boys who have probably never set anything in neat rows in their lives! As a result, our entry closet shoe situation often looked like this:

Messy Shoes in Entryway Closet

Clearly I needed a new system! I ended up bringing in one un-lidded basket for each boy, and now they will kick their shoes into the baskets where they are neatly corralled, rather than making a mess in the closet.

Baskets for Organized Shoes

4. Make accessories easy to put away.

Remember our rule about making items as easy to put away as possible? It applies to accessories too!

I originally kept our winter hats, gloves, and scarves up on a high shelf in our entry closet. But not only could my boys not reach them there, they were also a pain for me to get down and put away!

Instead, I ended up putting some bins in our mudroom drawers, and now our winter accessories are easy for everyone to reach.

Organized Winter Gloves, Hats, and Scarves

If you don’t have spare drawers that could be used for this purpose, hanging an organizer within reach on the back of the closet door or on the wall in the closet could work too.

5. Streamline your hangers.

Call me type-A, but I think closets look so much tidier when all of the hangers are the same, rather than having a mismatch of types and styles.

Coats with White Wood Hangers in Organized Closet

I use white wood hangers in our entry closet and they have held up well for us.

6. Add a command center in your organized entryway.

One of the items we tend to just drop in our entryway most often is paperwork. Whether it’s our kids’ school papers or the mail, we often don’t have a designated spot for it in our home, so it’s all too easy to throw it on the nearest flat surface.

For this reason, it’s helpful to have a command center with an in/out box system in the entryway so that paperwork has a tidy place to land until you’re ready to process it.

Command Center in an Organized Entryway

Some other helpful elements that could be included in a command center are:

  • magnet board or cork board
  • clock
  • calendar
  • whiteboard or chalkboard for family announcements and/or meal planning
  • basic office supplies

7. Install a hook at kid height for activity bags.

When our kids got old enough to start sports and activities, it felt like our house became completely inundated with gear!

Some of the larger gear– hello, hockey equipment— was relegated to the garage. But for smaller items, like the boys’ swimming stuff and jujitsu gear, I put together tote bags to hold their items. These bags were then hung on hooks at the boys’ level so they could easily grab them and go when it was time for practice.

The swim bag was a little bulky, so I added a hook for it inside the entry closet, which has worked well.

Swim Bag on Hook in Organized Entry Closet

The boys’ jujitsu bags are smaller, so they were able to hang on the little hooks that came with our command center’s magnet board.

Jujitsu Bags Hanging in Organized Entryway

8. Make the organized entryway pretty.

This one may not seem like an organizational tip, but I assure you that it is! I have found that when I love how our spaces look, I’m more motivated to keep them looking pretty!

This means I’m more likely to hang up my coat and purse instead of throwing them on the floor. I’m more likely to deal with paperwork rather than just setting it down haphazardly. And I’m more likely to put things back where they go rather than putting them on the nearest flat surface.

A few things we’ve done in the entryway to make it look prettier is to paint the insides of the doors…

Painted Door in Organized Mudroom

(The color is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed.)

Replace the light fixtures…

Pretty and Organized Entry Before and After

(Our pendant lights are similar to these.)

And add decorative accessories…

Decorated Shelf in Organized Mudroom

Along with being motivation to keep our entryway organized, it’s also nice to be welcomed home by a pretty space as you walk in the house! And when we enjoy our surroundings, there’s definitely no place like home!

I hope these tips for creating and organized entryway have been helpful for you! For even more entry ideas, you can check out these posts:

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What is your most helpful trick for creating an organized entryway? Let me know in the comments!

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8 Essentials for an Organized Entryway

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  1. at home with ashley says:

    There’s nothing better than having a place for everything. I need to find a way to make a command center in my entryway now!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      It’s been so helpful for us! Hope you have a great week, Ashley!

      ~Abby =)

  2. Some great tips here! I definitely need to create a command center for paper. That’s my biggest struggle right now. My kids are 2 and 5, so the clutter is hard to control right now, as they are not totally independent yet. I do use bins for their shoes, and it’s so helpful. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Abby Lawson says:

      So glad it was helpful for you, Amy! And I SO remember those days… keeping the house clutter free is so hard when they’re small so definitely give yourself some grace. Hope you have a great week! <3

      ~Abby =)

  3. Where is the gray cabinet from? It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

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