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Emergency Documents Bingo with Free Printable

Grab the Emergency Documents Bingo card printable. Organize your most important information so you can be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Emergency Documents Bingo Free Printable

Last year started out pretty tough for me.

I went to several funerals. Some family members and friends received tough diagnoses.

It felt like every time I turned around, someone I cared about was faced with yet another difficult situation.

As I watched my loved ones walk through these (many times unexpected) hardships, I wanted to do whatever I could to make it easier, both for them and for others in the future.

Why It’s Important to Organize Emergency Documents

We happened to have two friends each lose a parent a few months apart from one another.

One friend’s parent was incredibly organized. That friend was able to settle their parent’s affairs quickly and easily. They got to focus on spending time with their loved ones and remembering their parent instead of on sorting through paperwork and jumping through legal hoops.

The other friend’s parent had passed without their legal, medical, and financial documents in order. Months and months later, this second friend was frustratingly still trying to figure things out, adding stress to an already difficult situation.

Seeing the marked contrast between these two situations showed me what I could do to help.

I took to what I know– organizing.

Label maker, file folders, and hanging folders for organizing emergency documents

The last thing people want to be thinking about in an emergency event is looking for important documents– IDs, medical information, legal paperwork, financial records, etc.

I personally wanted to make sure that my husband, kids, and other loved ones would have what they needed and would be well taken care of if I were to experience a debilitating illness or pass away unexpectedly.

When hard times hit, I knew it would make it so much easier if people already had things like advance directives, insurance policies, wills and trusts, and more all organized and ready to go.

So I started doing research to figure out all of the documents and information people should have organized and easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Folders and thumb drives for organizing emergency documents

I used what I learned to create a simple system for organizing crucial life and legacy information in a class called The Essentials System.

Before jumping into this incredibly important project, I thought it might be helpful for people to take an inventory of how prepared they currently are for unforeseen events.

Emergency Documents Bingo Card Printable

Emergencies and medical diagnoses can be pretty heavy topics to deal with. And people tend to avoid thinking about them for that reason.

But it is SO important to be prepared. So to encourage people to take action, I tried to make it a little more fun.

Enter, Emergency Documents Bingo.

Emergency Documents Bingo Card to Help You Get Organized for Unforeseen Events

Though it is not an exhaustive list, the Emergency Documents Bingo card includes many of the major pieces of information that you and/or your loved ones should be able to access easily in order to be prepared for future circumstances.

Click the button above to grab your copy of the Emergency Documents Bingo card. Then cross off any items that…

  • you already have, AND
  • you or a loved one could access quickly if needed.

How many boxes were you able to check? Do you have a bingo? (Bonus points for a full card!)

Maybe you have a nearly filled card already. If so, great!

But if you still have quite a few areas where you need to get organized, we’d love to help with that.

Along with being a helpful inventory for you, the Emergency Documents Bingo card can be an easy conversation starter to get loved ones thinking about organizing their crucial information.

The Essentials System

Taking all of the knowledge I’ve gained from research and years of organizing, I created a class called The Essentials System. It’s the ultimate shortcut for helping people gather and organize their emergency documents.

The Essentials System | justagirlandherblog.com

The Essentials System class helps students…

🌟 Create a single organized box that holds all of your most crucial information. This includes identification documents, financial planning, insurance policies, tax documentation, estate planning paperwork, and more. You’ll have easy access when you need it. And your loved ones can find any essential information in case of emergency.

🌟 Identify and close vulnerable gaps that may exist within your future and legacy planning. (Confirm that you have adequate insurance coverage and that your policies haven’t lapsed. Make sure you have proper legal documents drawn up and in a safe place, etc.) You and your family can have confidence that you’re prepared, no matter what may come.

An organized fireproof box holding essential documents and information to be accessed quickly and easily in case of emergency

Along with helping you figure out exactly what documents and information to gather, The Essentials System provides easy-to-use fillable templates so you can simply plug in your relevant information. No need to waste time and effort reinventing the wheel!

We make it so easy to organize your box. And we give you the confidence that you and your loved ones will be taken care of well into the future.

Organizing Emergency Documents: Final Thoughts

Planning ahead for our loved ones and our future selves is SO important.

Folders and Printables to Organize Emergency Documents

The reality is that nearly all of us will be faced with an emergency situation at some point in our lives.

When that happens, we will want our loved ones to be taken care of.

We will not want to have the added stress that comes with not being able to find the documents or paperwork we need. (Or worse, finding out that insurance polices have lapsed or legal paperwork was never filed.)

Give the best gift to your loved ones and your future self. Join us for The Essentials System, and make sure you’re ready, no matter what may come.

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Free Printable Emergency Documents Bingo

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Abby Lawson at Abby Organizes, justagirlandherblog.com