Connor’s Scooby Doo Fourth Birthday

Banner Cropped

Well, he did it. I kept telling big C that I wasn’t old enough to have a four year old, but he turned four anyway. I can’t believe how time has flown!

We had a small family get-together to celebrate his special day, and though I went much simpler with this party then for baby C’s first birthday, there were still some fun, creative touches, not to mention Scooby galore!

The bunting banner (above) was the only non-food decor item I made specifically for the party. It has been the year of Scooby Doo, however, and I had a leftover “Mystery Machine” from the boys’ Halloween costumes that I got to pull out again.

Mystery Machine

I loved that the punch *just happened* to match the rest of the decor…


And, thanks to an edible cake topper, the cake was a success!


My sweet little man was just tickled to be surrounded by his family as he celebrated turning 4! I’m glad he had a fun birthday this year, because I’ve forbidden him to get any older! 😉

Blowing Out Candles

What’s your birthday party philosophy? Keep it simple? Go all out? Little bit of both?

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  5. Lizza Streicher says:

    I have been contemplating starting my blog but I am so scared to and don’t really know if I have anything I can share. I have listened to your webinar with Money Saving Mom and then recently with your Sister In law and I each time I have gravitated back to your website and finally found your FIRST BLOG POST! I almost cried at how humble your beginnings were! It just made you more of a real person to me that already were and made me think that maybe, just maybe, I can start my first blog post too. I have already decided to purchase Framework and I”m very very excited to start. I’m over the moon excited to start. I have a full time job and responsibilities at home and not very organized ha ha. that’s how I found you! So, it will be slow going but I’m excited for this new journey! I am grateful that our paths have crossed. I now follow you on FB.

    1. justagirlabby says:

      Ooooh yes, Lizza! Those first posts are fun to look back on! 🙂 I love the quote “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” especially when it comes to blogging! Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s all about taking things one day at a time and getting a little better each day! I hope that Framework is helpful to you and I look forward to “seeing” you on Facebook! Have a great week and happy blogging!

      ~Abby =)

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