An Awesome Clean House Checklist Printable for Every Room

Grab an awesome clean house checklist printable and help make sure your home looks and feels clean in every room. Print them off and get ready to have that clean, tidy house you’ve been dreaming of!

Two Spring Cleaning Checklists

Cleaning is one of those tasks we tend to put off. While we love the end result, the process itself is not necessarily fun, so it is easy to find more enjoyable ways to spend our time.

One thing that helps me take action on tasks that I’m not looking forward to is to take the decision making out of it.

When I have to make decisions like, “What do I need to clean? When should I clean it? How often should I be cleaning that item?”, it’s easy for my brain to shut down and just avoid the task.

But when I have a clear plan for how I’ll tackle the space, I just have to show up and execute my plan. My brain loves it because it’s not a lot of work. And since I’m not overthinking, I don’t talk myself out of doing those cleaning tasks I KNOW need to be completed.

Whenever I want to make a clear plan, I’ll often reach for a printable. Printables help me organize my thoughts and take away the ambiguity of my cleaning project so I show up and take action rather than resorting to procrastination.

Since we all think about cleaning a little differently, I’ve rounded up more than 10 cute printables that can help you create a solid cleaning plan. Snag the one(s) that would help you most in the post below!

10+ Cleaning Checklist Printables to Keep Your House Neat and Tidy

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1. Printable Declutter Checklist

One of the most important parts of having a clean and tidy house is decluttering.

Not only does decluttering improve the visual look of the space, but it makes it easier to deep clean because we don’t have as much junk to work around on surfaces or in cabinets, closets, and drawers.

These cute declutter checklist printables from Free Organizing Printables give you ideas of items to declutter in every room in the house.

You can punch holes and pop them into a binder or cut them apart and keep the card for each space in its designated room. (And there are two fun color schemes to choose from!)

Free Printable Declutter Checklist from Free Organizing Printables

Get the Declutter Checklist here.

2. Declutter Bingo Deep Clean Checklist

Another way to convince ourselves to get cleaning? Make it a game! I absolutely love this fun bingo card idea from Colleen at Handlettered Printables.

She has a “declutter” version and a “deep clean” version. She also provides suggestions of cleaning tasks to include in your bingo squares.

You simply put a cleaning or decluttering task in each box and see how quickly you can get a “Bingo” by completing your chores!

Declutter Bingo Deep Clean Checklist - Handlettered Printables

Get Colleen’s Declutter Bingo Deep Clean Checklist here.

3. Pantry Inventory Printable

We likely spend a good amount of time on food prep, so it’s important to have a neat and tidy pantry.

Morgan at Charleston Crafted shares a list of ways to organize your pantry on a budget and includes a free pantry inventory printable so you always know what you have on hand!

This will make grocery shopping and cooking quicker and easier and will keep your pantry looking tidier as well!

Free Pantry Inventory Printable from Charleston Crafted

Get Morgan’s pantry inventory printable here.

4. Room by Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you’re looking for a super thorough spring cleaning checklist broken down by room, Chelsea and Logan at Making Manzanita have got you covered!

They have thought of every single cleaning task you may want to complete and have compiled them into an easy-to-read checklist you you can be confident that you’re not missing a thing.

Room by Room Spring Cleaning Checklist from Making Manzanita

Get Chelsea and Logan’s Spring Cleaning Checklist here.

5. Laundry Cheat Sheet Printables

Ya know what I hate? Stains.

We all want our clothes to come out of the dryer looking fresh and clean, but it can be hard to remember just how to remove each type of blemish.

I was having this problem myself, so I created some cute laundry cheat sheet printables to keep in my laundry room!

I’ve included a handy stain removal guide, as well as a laundry symbol cheat sheet so you can easily decode all of those cryptic symbols on the tags of your clothes. Laundry just got a little easier!

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Get my Laundry Cheat Sheet Printables here.

6. The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

It would be delightful if everything in our house would just keep on working perfectly without any attention from us, but unfortunately, that’s just not how life works!

Our homes come with a lot of upkeep, and it can be hard to keep it all straight. But this handy Home Maintenance Log from Free Organizing Printables will help us stay on top of everything!

With one page broken out into monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual tasks and the other broken down by month, you can choose how you organize your maintenance tasks so they fit easily into your schedule.

The post also includes ideas for which tasks to include for each interval, so it’s as simple as plug and play!

Free Printable Home Maintenance Log from Free Organizing Printables

Get the Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist here.

7. Bedroom Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Our bedrooms should be a cozy haven where we can relax and unwind. But all too often they become neglected when life gets busy!

April from Love Our Real Life can help us whip our bedrooms into shape with her helpful Bedroom Cleaning Checklist.

Broken down into daily, weekly, and monthly sections, this clean house checklist printable helps make tidying our bedrooms feel manageable. AND we’ll get to enjoy a beautiful, serene bedroom space instead of a cluttered and stuffy one!

Free Bedroom Cleaning Checklist from Love Our Real Life

Get April’s Bedroom Cleaning Checklist here.

8. Guest Prep Deep Cleaning Checklist

Are you hosting guests in the not-to-distant future? Getting the house ready for their arrival will be a breeze with this Guest Prep Deep Cleaning Checklist from Stephanie of Abbotts at Home.

She recommends starting a week or so in advance and just tackling a few easy cleans per day to get your house spick and span in time for visitors!

Free Guest Prep Deep Cleaning Checklist from Abbotts at Home

Get Stephanie’s Guest Prep Deep Cleaning Checklist here.

9. Whole Home Deep Cleaning Checklist

The thought of trying to clean our whole house at once can feel overwhelming, so I love how Michelle and Steph from Sunny Side Designs break down the cleaning process into zones.

Their clean house checklist printable is thorough, but because they have broken it out into zones and then into individual rooms, it feels manageable as well. (And look how cute their cleaning binder turned out!)

Whole Home Deep Cleaning Checklist from Sunny Side Design

Get Michelle and Steph’s Whole Home Deep Cleaning Checklist here.

10. Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

While I love to organize, I do not necessarily love to clean. So when spring cleaning time rolls around, I like to keep it simple.

For this Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist, I opted to pinpoint my five top cleaning priorities in each room. I tackle the checklist for one room each week and then call my spring cleaning complete.

Next year, I can choose different priorities for each space. But for me, cutting down on the number of tasks instead of trying to tackle EVERYTHING helps the project seem less intimidating, which means I’m a lot more likely to complete it.

Two Spring Cleaning Checklists to help you clean your home more efficiently

Get my Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist here.

11. Realistic Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms Printable

It can be hard to juggle work responsibilities, kids’ activities, life and relationships, and still manage to make time for keeping up our homes!

Chelsea at Making Manzanita created a super helpful cleaning schedule printable specifically designed to help working moms manage home tasks a little more easily.

Woman checking cleaning supplies using her Realistic Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms - Making Manzanita

Get Chelsea’s Working Moms Cleaning Schedule Printable here.

12. House Cleaning Schedule & Cleaning Checklist

So many of our cleaning tasks repeat at regular intervals, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

This cute Cleaning Schedule from Free Organizing Printables helps you organize your recurring cleaning tasks so you never forget what you should be doing when.

Available in two cute color schemes, this clean house checklist printable takes away the guesswork of when certain tasks should happen so you can just show up and complete them!

House Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Checklist from Free Organizing Printables

Get the House Cleaning Schedule and Printable Checklist here.

Learn to make your own organizing printables!

I love all of the free printables that can be found online, but I’ll often make my own organizing printables so I can get the exact layout and aesthetic I want.

If you’d like to be able to create your own printables to help you get organized or just want to learn a fun new skill, grab our quick, easy-to-follow class that can help you do just that!

Create Your Own Organizing Printables Class from

Learn more about the Create Your Own Organizing Printables class right here.

Clean House Checklist Printable: Final Thoughts

I hope that one or more of these pretty (and free!) printables will be helpful for you as you work to clean and declutter your home.

When we eliminate the guesswork and go in with a solid plan, it is a lot easier to take action on our cleaning tasks rather than putting them off indefinitely.

We will love living in a clean and tidy home where we and our families can enjoy spending time together. Can’t beat that!

If you’ll be cleaning your own space in the near future and these ideas were helpful, be sure to pin the image below so you can reference them later!

Clean House Checklist Printable

Thank you for following along! Have a wonderful day!

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