80+ Favorite Products for Organizing the Kitchen

My favorite products for organizing the kitchen will have your cabinets, drawers, countertops, pantry, and refrigerator looking neat and tidy in no time!

The Very Best Products for Organizing the Kitchen

One of the biggest organizing struggles in the whole house can be figuring out a way to set up the kitchen so that it is functional, uncluttered, and dare I say even beautiful?! Every kitchen has its own challenges and quirks, and there won’t be a “one size fits all” solution.

But as I’ve been organizing spaces and studying organization, I find myself coming back to the same types of kitchen storage solutions over and over again. And that’s because I think they work!

So today I thought I’d share my most favorite products for organizing the kitchen. You can skip to the area you’re most interested in by clicking on the links below:

Best Organizing Products for the Kitchen

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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I’ve had really tiny kitchens and big kitchens and just about everything in between, and in every single one of them there was a point that I felt like I didn’t have enough cabinet space. (Yep, even in the big kitchens!)

There is just so much stuff that can be used in a kitchen, so those cabinets fill up fast!

The most effective strategy I’ve found for maximizing cabinet space is to use as much of the vertical space as possible. Sometimes I do that by adding a riser that gives me an extra layer of storage…

Extra riser for organizing mugs in a kitchen cabinet

Sometimes I’ll use stacking bins to be able to store more small items on a cabinet shelf…

Stacked containers in a kitchen cabinet

And sometimes I’ll use stacking drawers or stacking containers to make the most of the space in a taller cabinet…

Under the Kitchen Sink Organized

In addition to maximizing vertical space, I also use bins strategically to keep our cabinets tidy. Bins can help to corral smaller items and create boundaries so they don’t become unruly. Like those tupperware lids that seem to want to go all over the place…

Food Storage Container Lids

Bins are also useful on high shelves. Rather than having to reach around blindly in the back to find what I need, I pull down the whole bin, grab my item, and put the bin back.

Coffee supplies in bins on a kitchen shelf

Just adding a few strategic storage pieces to our cabinets can really help to maximize the space and keep things tidy! Here are a bunch of my favorite kitchen cabinet organizers…

My Favorite Products for Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Drawer Organization

When it comes to kitchen drawers, we’re often storing a bunch of little items in a wide open space, so I always try to make sure I divide up the drawer so each type of items has a designated home.

Utensil trays are perfect for keeping silverware corralled and organizing small kitchen gadgets….

Utensil drawers with divided organizers in an organized kitchen

An in-the-drawer knife rack keeps knives off of the counters and stores them safely and neatly…

Knife block in kitchen drawer

Even the junk drawers can stay tidy with a little bit of extra help from some divided trays!

Organized Kitchen Junk Drawers

Here are a few more kitchen drawer organizers that may be a perfect fit for your kitchen…

My Favorite Products for Organizing the Kitchen Drawers

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Kitchen Counter Organization

Surfaces tend to be magnets for clutter, and kitchen counters are no exception! I try to combat this by using a trays or stands to define some boundaries and corral my items. This allows me to keep things out without them looking messy. (And it also makes it really easy to tuck the items away when needed!)

I use a tray to hold our small appliances…

Tray holding small appliances in organized kitchen

And I use a little cake stand to corral the items by our sink.

Crocks holding utensils in organized kitchen

I keep our utensils neatly on a tray as well, stored in a crock or in a pitcher

Pitchers holding kitchen utensils

Here are a few more kitchen counter organization favorites…

My Favorite Products for Organizing the Kitchen Counters

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Kitchen Pantry Organization

My most favorite space to organize in the kitchen is the pantry! I’ve found that when the pantry is organized, the rest of the kitchen stays a lot tidier as well!

Organized Kitchen Pantry Ideas

shallow y-weave bins | stepped riser | spice jars | dry goods containers | water bottle holders | deep y-weave bins | wallpaper | closet system

One of my favorite features in our pantry is the wine holder -turned- water bottle storage. No more water bottles falling down all over the place!

Water bottles organized in a wine rack

Decanting our spices into matching jars, labeling them with my Cricut cutting machine + adhesive vinyl, and storing them on risers so I could see them all easily was another game changer!

Spices in matching containers on a riser in an organized pantry

Here are some more of my favorite items to use to organize the pantry…

My Favorite Products for Organizing the Kitchen Pantry

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Refrigerator and Freezer Organization

Can I tell you the truth? I almost didn’t even include this section in this post. In my experience, it is best to use refrigerator and freezer organizers very sparingly. I find that if I use too many, they are more inhibiting than helpful because they take away from the flexibility of my fridge space.

However, I have found refrigerator/freezer organizers to be helpful in some specific circumstances in my home, and I know that may be the case for you too, so I ultimately left them in the post! But my caution remains– use sparingly! 😉

One spot where adding fridge organizers has been huge was in our deli drawer. These divided trays keep the different types of food separate so we can easily find what we’re looking for.

Refrigerator deli drawer with divided trays

Our previous freezer hardly had any division at all, so I added a simple bin to keep our frozen fruits and veggies tidy…

Organized Freezer

If there’s a specific area of your refrigerator or freezer that’s driving you crazy, these organizers may be able to help…

My Favorite Refrigerator Organizers

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Extra Kitchen Storage

Finally, sometimes the storage space provided in our kitchens just isn’t enough no matter how neatly we try to organize it! In that case, I like to bring in some extra storage pieces and get a little creative with the space in order to achieve the organization I want.

In our little townhouse kitchen, I used an old desk as a kitchen sideboard to add extra surface and drawer space…

Sideboard piece in small kitchen

A rolling cart can be another great solution, as it can be easily moved out of the way in a small space…

Rolling cart holding organized pantry items

Take advantage of open wall space by hanging a pegboard for storage…

Pots and pans hanging on a pegboard

…or installing floating shelves

Floating shelves holding pantry items

You can even add storage in the form of a cute light fixture (like my mom did)!

Pots and pans on kitchen light fixture

Sometimes it takes a little extra creativity to get the kitchen organized, but the end result is well worth it! Here are some more ideas…

My Favorite Extra Kitchen Storage Options

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I hope these kitchen organization product ideas were helpful for you if you’re taking on the task of organizing your own kitchen space!

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list, so let me know your favorite kitchen organization products in the comments below!

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80+ Favorite Products for Organizing the Kitchen

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