My Favorite Space: An Eclectic Primary Bedroom by Place of My Taste

An Eclectic Master Bedroom | Place of My Taste for Just a Girl and Her Blog

Hi, friends! Today I am so thrilled to have my friend Aniko from Place of My Taste with us to share her stunningly gorgeous master bedroom as we continue in the My Favorite Space series! Not only does Aniko have an incredible eye for design, but she is also a very, very talented photographer, and when you put those things together, you get spaces and photos with that “WOW” factor! Don’t just take my word for it, though– see for yourself! Here’s Aniko:


Hello Just a Girl and Her Blog readers. It’s Aniko from Place Of My Taste and I am so excited to be here today to share one of my favorite rooms in the house with you all. I have to admit that I have more than one favorite room, for example my Office and my Living Room, and it was a tough decision to make which one to bring for you to see. I decided to show you around in my Bedroom.

Bedroom reveal-23

What is the main function of the space?

I started working on this room about one year ago. Yes. It took me that long to tackle each and every project in the room but it was so worth it because I now walk into a room with full of personality, where we can hang out and read stories with the boys at night, where I can sit down and flip through magazines or books on a rainy day and where we can recharge ourselves for a busy day.

An Eclectic Master Bedroom | Place of My Taste for Just a Girl and Her Blog

( pillow below can be purchased HERE)

pillow (2)

Can you tell us about some of the DIY elements of the room?

Almost every single project in this bedroom was DIYed. My very first DIY project in here was the IKEA MALM HACK – TUFTED HEADBOARD that still rocks my DIY list. 🙂 When we started the process in the room my goal was not to spend on furniture at all but perhaps upcycle the ones we already had. And this is what exactly we did.

An Eclectic Master Bedroom | Place of My Taste for Just a Girl and Her Blog


An Eclectic Master Bedroom | Place of My Taste for Just a Girl and Her Blog

My other really cool DIY in this room is this MID CENTURY MODERN CREDENZA. You should pop over and see the before of that credenza, it was literally trash when I bought it on an auction.

Bedroom reveal-4

The DIY LAMP SHADE with that amazing watercolor fabric totally made the final look of the room. I love the colors and the shape of the shade.

Bedroom reveal-3

Oh and I definitely need to mention this fantastic EARRING ORGANIZER .

Bedroom reveal-1-4


And there are many more DIY projects listed here.

How do you describe your design style, and which elements in the room help bring that to life?

I would describe my design style – eclectic. I love using bright, bold, edgy colors and mixing different styles together. My credenza with that fun gallery wall would absolutely bring that to life. You can see more of this fun Gallery wall HERE.

An Eclectic Master Bedroom | Place of My Taste for Just a Girl and Her Blog

And just to let you know, some of my art work can be purchased through my site HERE.

Zebra displayDo you have any funny/happy/sweet/interesting stories about this space?

An Eclectic Master Bedroom | Place of My Taste for Just a Girl and Her Blog

What was interesting about this space is that how much my design style evolved during the process. Originally I planned to use yellow and grey color combo as you see the mood board I created back then. During the process of designing and creating projects for this room I found great inspirations – like that watercolor fabric – that drove the style of the room to a completely different direction.

What is it about the space that makes it your favorite?

Well, I think the bright colors and all the handmade art work that I created for the gallery wall makes this room special to me. Each of those photographs or watercolor art that is hanging on the wall is bringing back special memories of a trip or a special day.

Bedroom reveal-7

It was great to be here today and I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our bedroom. There are lots of other DIY and HOME DECOR projects on the blog and I would love for you to hop over and check them out.




Love, love, love this beautiful, colorful space! No wonder it’s her favorite. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us, Aniko, and thank YOU for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi, Aniko & Abby ~ This room is gorgeous! I like that you DIYed so much of this room, Aniko. We’re hoping to get to work on our master bedroom soon, and it will have to be mostly DIY. Now I know where to go for inspiration! I love the pops of color, and your artwork is so beautiful! I’m a little jealous. :0) I’ve always wanted to be able to paint (may aunt was an artist), but I think the gene skips a generation. My artwork looks like that of a kindergartner. Oh well! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your awesome room!

  2. DIY Just Cuz says:

    I’m usually not a fan of so many colors in one room but this is just so beautiful! It’s fresh and relaxing but fun at the same time! Thanks to Aniko for showing off her beautiful bedroom!

  3. I LOVE this bedroom! Sometimes so much color in one room can make it look child-like, but you succeeded in creating a super chic bedroom. I adore it. My master bedroom is on my list to redecorate in the near future and I will definitely pin this one for inspiration!

  4. Dezignable says:

    Beautiful room! Love that most of it is DIY, and that you were able to make all the colors work together! Thanks for the inspiration!

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