My Favorite Space: A DIY Painted Kitchen by Everyday Enchanting

DIY Painted Kitchen | Everyday Enchanting for Just a Girl and Her Blog

While planning our current kitchen renovation, I spent hours and hours looking at beautiful, inspiring kitchens all over the web. I am so excited to be featuring one of my very favorite kitchens in all of blogland today as part of the My Favorite Space series! I have been bloggy friends with Nina from Everyday Enchanting for quite a while now, and not only do we share a love for gorgeous kitchens, but we are both chronic organizers as well– wait until you see her incredibly organized pantry! But enough of my chit-chat! Here’s Nina!

Hi there! I’m Nina from Everyday Enchanting. I’m so happy that Abby invited me to share my favorite space with you! It was an easy pick, because our kitchen is by far the most completed room of our home, and the biggest project we’ve ever tackled.

DIY Painted Kitchen | Everyday Enchanting for Just a Girl and Her Blog

What is the main function of the space?

As cliched as it sounds, it’s true- our kitchen is the heart of our home. There’s the obvious use- I do my cooking and baking here- but it’s also the main gathering and entertaining spot in our home. We truly live in here. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, homework, art projects, parties… you get the idea! I’ve often said that if I designed a house I would have just had a giant open-concept eat-in kitchen for majority of the first floor.


Can you tell us about some of the fun DIY elements in the space?

The room is one giant DIY project. I’ve always been a big fan of white cabinets, but we started out with tiger-stripe orange oak. We spent six months of weekends filling in all of the grain, priming and painting the cabinets.



We built the island from scratch, topping it off with a Craigslist bargain marble slab. I am in love with tables from Restoration Hardware- predictably, they were not in our budget. I was able to mimic their finish by layering paint and stain.


My husband Mack came up with the idea of this “hidden storage” range hood cover. He thought my plan for a decorative range hood cover was a waste of valuable storage space. Together we designed a cover that looks just as custom as the one I had hoped for, but it secretly opens!

The Pantry- 1 Year Later and FAQs

Another DIY element is the pantry. I really love built-ins, and we knew when moved into our home that we wanted an organized space for our food storage. We built the pantry out of cabinet grade plywood as one large slide-in unit, and then decked it out in trim to give it a finished look.


How would you describe your design style, and which elements in the room help bring that to life?


I’m still in the process of finding my design style. I’m always trying to strike a balance between traditional, cottage, and farmhouse/rustic. If any one of those styles begins to dominate one of our spaces, it seems like too much to me. Right after the renovation, our “blank slate” of a kitchen was modern traditional- as had been the goal. It made sense for the house itself (a cheerful 1980s colonial in a suburban development) but didn’t speak to the more laid-back farmhouse/cottage style I discovered that I craved. I began slowly adding texture- first the bamboo shade, then the boxwood wreath, wicker baskets under the island, and rustic wooden bowls. I’m still not 100% finished, but I feel like it’s important to take my time and find pieces that really stand out to me. I’m currently on the hunt for some interesting wooden cutting boards!


Do you have any funny/happy/sweet/interesting stories about this space?

Very quickly after moving in, I went a little crazy one day, and began furiously sanding the textured beige sponge paint treatment. It was created-as I was told later- by loading the brush with paint, pulling the bristles back, and letting go. Very artistic (and messy I imagine).

Below the sponge paint, I discovered a vaguely familiar multi-colored stencil treatment that included hearts and geese. So as 80s as I thought the sponge paint was… apparently it could have been much more so!


What is it about the space that makes it your favorite?

I have always loved to look at photos of kitchens, and I had gathered hundreds of pins of white kitchens by the time we tackled this project. I knew exactly what I wanted- and seeing that dream come to fruition as a result of our hard work was beyond rewarding!


Thank you so much to Abby for inviting me to stop by and share! I hope you’ll visit and check out my home tour and before and after gallery!


Abby was also sweet enough to let me give a little shoutout about my planners- my printable 2015-16 Everyday Planners are now available, including a new time-blocking layout! I created the code ABBYREADERS15 for a special 15% off discount for Abby’s readers!

Completely gorgeous, right?! Wow! Be sure to pop over to Everyday Enchanting for even more decorating and organizing inspiration, and be sure to take advantage of her planner deal– so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with us, Nina, and thank YOU for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Sonya~at home with the barkers says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! This makes me want to redo my freshly painted black kitchen cabinets…except my husband may leave me!! Great space Nina. ~Sonya

  2. Brittany @ DIY Just Cuz says:

    Wow, that kitchen is beautiful! I can’t wait until we buy our own home. I love our rented 1918 updated farmhouse but obviously we’re limited on decorating. I adore white cabinets and I’ll definitely be doing the same thing if I can convince the BF :p

  3. What an incredible transformation!! This is such a beautiful kitchen!

  4. Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential says:

    This kitchen is gorgeous! I love white kitchens – they seem so bright and spacious.

  5. Dezignable says:

    This space is beautiful and clean! Love the marble table, and the hidden cabinet!

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