Jekyll Island 2015

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Oh, friends, it has been quite a summer so far, and it has gone waaaaaay too fast! I feel like we’ve been away more than we’ve been home, and when we’ve been home, we’ve been in major kitchen reno mode— eeeek! I’m planning on getting back to business and starting in on allllllll of the kitchen posts on Monday, but in an attempt to hang on to one final shred of summer vacation, today I’m talking about the beach!

A few weeks ago, Donnie, the Cs, and I packed up the minivan and headed down to Jekyll Island, Georgia. If you’ve never heard of Jekyll Island (I hadn’t!), it is in southern Georgia and is part of a grouping of islands known as the Golden Isles.

So why this destination? Well, Donnie is really into hotel points, so every year when it comes time to plan a vacation, we make a list of all of the different locations he has points for, and cross them off one by one until we narrow it down to the winner! 🙂 We liked this choice because it looked gorgeous, didn’t seem like it would be overcrowded, and had a brand new Westin that we thought would be fun to try out. So we did!
Jekyll Island 2015 |

{The Westin Jekyll Island}

We could not have asked for a more beautiful or convenient location, with an amazing pool just steps from our room…

Jekyll Island 2015 |

…and an incredible beach right there too– this was the view from our room’s deck! I couldn’t believe it!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Oh and the turtles– they love them there! 🙂 There is a sea turtle center on the island and little (and big!) homages to the turtles everywhere!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Another perk of the island was that it was small enough that we could use bikes to get around. Connor has been really into biking this summer, so he LOVED this aspect of the trip.

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Con and Donnie brought their own bikes, and Caleb and I were able to rent a bike + trailer combo to join in the fun… although by the time we took this picture, Caleb had pretty much had it. He’s not sleeping. He’s just refusing to have his picture taken… little stinker! 🙂

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Con especially liked riding over these cool boardwalks that were part of the bike paths and had fantastic views of the water.

Jekyll Island 2015 |

I would have to say that my favorite part was seeing all of the *stunning* southern homes in the island’s historic district. They were all so beautiful that I couldn’t even pick a favorite!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

I would never have thought to paint my house turquoise and yellow, but it SO works for this place!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

And a fountain leading up to the house instead of a sidewalk?! Yes, please!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

This home had the loveliest courtyard… I just wanted to hang out all day…

Jekyll Island 2015 |

And then there were picturesque spots like this around every turn– love!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

My little Caleb may not have been so into the historic homes or the biking, but he was *very* into strapping his bike helmet to his back and pretending he was a ninja turtle. This may have been his favorite part of the trip. 🙂

Jekyll Island 2015 |

I can’t even handle the cuteness!!

One of our other favorite spots on the island was called Driftwood Beach, for obvious reasons… so cool!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Jekyll Island 2015 |

We happened to be there at the “golden hour,” so I was able to get some great shots of the boys too– win-win!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Jekyll Island 2015 |

And speaking of shots of the boys, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t force my family  to wake up early on our final day and march them down to the beach for a photo shoot? 😀 Thankfully they’re used to my shenanigans by now and indulged me, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Jekyll Island 2015 |

I keep telling them that they’ll be thankful they have photos like these to show their kids someday!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

{Proof that I was actually there. I much prefer to be behind the camera! 🙂 }

A sweet lady walking down the beach offered to take our family photo for us… Con looks about spent and Caleb isn’t looking at the camera, but was the best we could do! 🙂

Jekyll Island 2015 |

I love, love, love this one! Caleb was having a ball with his daddy!

Jekyll Island 2015 |

And finally… my boys. I think I could go just about anywhere with these three and have the best week ever. They are just darling, and I feel so blessed to call them mine!! <3

Jekyll Island 2015 |

Thanks for bearing with me and letting me get a little sappy and personal today! I promise I will be back on Monday with DIY projects galore– yay kitchen reno!!

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Thanks for following along! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. Rita C at Panoply says:

    Looks like a great place to visit, Abby. My daughter and her husband are there right now for the first time. and loving it.

  2. Nicole @ Simply Nicole says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love those homes!!

  3. Gretchen@BoxyColonial says:

    Looks like a great trip! I haven’t been to Jekyll since a class trip in 8th grade….I’m itching to go back with my kids. I want to see those sea turtles!

  4. christy @ Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer says:

    I’ve never heard of Jekyll Island either. Looks gorgeous! Sounds like it was the perfect restful getaway though. We went to Hilton Head Island a few years go and your pics remind me of there with the gorgeous ornate homes and the trees…oh my goodness the trees were huge with all that beautiful moss hanging down. Your boys are getting so big and wait till I tell Brennan that he can be a Ninja Turtle with his helmet. 🙂

  5. Ann @ The Clumsy Wife says:

    Your vacation looks so fun! Memories from family vacations are the best!

  6. Abby, I love Jekyll Island, too. Not only is it beautiful but it has a lot of history. I wish you could have visited Savannah (my hometown) while you were down this way.

    I love the pictures of your family. There is an app called Waterlogue that allows you to turn your pictures in “watercolor” prints. I have it and love using it. Check it out.

  7. Glad you had a good time. I had never heard of this place before. Great to know. Thanks. Great kids. Great family. Looking forward to 2016.

  8. JaneEllen says:

    You guys look so happy and relaxed, love seeing photos of your family. Great way to get around on bikes with young children. Why wasn’t Dad wearing a helmet? Shame on him.. That sure looks like awesome place to vacation.
    Have read several books about Carolina’s and Georgia as base of story, each one has talked about sea turtles and made it part of story, love it. Nice to vacation someplace with those gorgeous old homes and history. That pool and beach are calling me. I’m a water person. We haven’t even been to state park lake that’s just 7 1/2 miles from our house all summer, total bummer. Our dog loves to swim and I adore floating in the little bay where our favorite spot on lake is. Maybe next week. Admission is free to all veterans all August.
    Well towels are done so will get kitchen towels/dish cloths out of that load, go hang then outside. Our water is so hard I like to give them sunshine while I can. Usually hang laundry up into Nov. if it’s nice enuf as it was last year.
    Happy weekend

  9. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker says:

    We live in GA and have never been to Jekyll Island. Definitely on our list to do. Looks like you had a super fun vacation!

    Is there a lot of activities/shopping/activities to do nearby?

    Also I would love more info on how to better maximize hotel points. Do you only stay at one certain chain so you rack them up there? How do you keep track of all the clubs (seems like every hotel has their own “club”)?

  10. A friend of mine was just telling me about her recent visit to this wonderful place! We must go there sometime.

  11. Cathy McCarthy says:

    i LOVE to see families making memories together. You are blessed and your children will grow up treasuring these times together. I’m already looking to plan our next trip and someone mentioned Jekyll Island to me. I had never heard of it (native New Yorker). Your pictures look beautiful and like a place we’d like to explore. Thank you for sharing your time. Best, Cathy McCarthy

  12. Abby,
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful Jekyll Island photos. So enjoyed.

  13. The Tie Dyed and Tattooed Mom says:

    Wow how beautiful that place is. Thanks for sharing. Definitely a place worth looking into

  14. Could you have Donnie do a post on hotel points?

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