Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

I don’t frequent thrift stores very often. I know that’s probably breaking some sort of blogger code or something, but I’ve never been great at spying the gems in the midst of all the junk, so I’ve stayed away. But recently, I decided to brave the thrift store and see what I could find!

I happened to be visiting my parents a few weeks ago, and since a new thrift store/consignment shop just opened in their little town, I decided to pop over and check it out. Wow, was that place packed to the gills with “treasures.” 🙂 As I walked around the store, these three little (aqua, obviously) objects jumped out at me:

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

I had no idea what they were, but I thought the color was pretty, so I took them up to the front of the store and asked the owner about them. It turns out they’re glass insulators, which used to be used on power lines in some way. Because it was 50% off day (win!) I scored all 3 for less than $5. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I was a happy customer!

When I got back to my parents’, I looked up “glass insulator crafts” on Pinterest. Apparently, glass insulators are a “thing” in the craft world and I’ve been missing the boat all this time! People make lights and coat racks and photo holders and all kinds of cool things out of these! Since I’m always in need of things to hang on our walls, I decided to turn them into something that would fit that function, so I headed down to our garage and grabbed an old leftover 2×4 we had lying around.

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Oh, it may not have looked like much, but I had big plans for it. I gathered a few other supplies…

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

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D-Ring Picture Hanger | Minwax Stain in Dark Walnut | Plumbing Clamps | Screws

This project ended up being super duper simple. I stained the piece of wood and let it dry overnight. Donnie attached the D-ring to the back and used a cordless screw driver to attach the plumbing clamps to the board like so…

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

Then I just slipped the insulators in, tightened the clamps, and I was done!

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

I popped some little tea lights into the insulators to make them candle holders, but I thought they might also be cute as mini vases with flowers or they could even hold pens and pencils or paperclips and thumb tacks if I used it in my office.

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog

See, maybe I’ll become a junker after all! 🙂

Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle | Just a Girl and Her Blog
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  1. Kimm at Reinvented says:

    Love it! You look like an expert junker to me! 😉 I am eternally grateful to the folks in “the olden days” for using so much aqua stuff. 🙂

  2. Katie @ Little House of Four says:

    I must have been missing the boat too! I’ve never seen these glass insulators before, but they sure are a great find. I love that you turned them into candle holders and the color is fabulous. Great job!

  3. Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods says:

    I have several of these insulators for my husband’s family farm. I love their color but never knew what to do with them. Thanks so much for the clever DIY!

    Happy weekend!
    ~ Ashley

  4. Bethany @ says:

    Those insulators are beautiful! What an amazing find! I too am a little shy of the thrift store. I see so many thrifted item projects in the blog world, but get overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) at thrift stores. I just end up getting something from Ikea instead.

    Happy Friday!
    Bethany @
    (Formerly Bethany the ngnrdgrl)

    1. justagirlabby says:

      LOL! That SO sounds like me! CONGRATS on the new site and on your little one on the way! How exciting!! It’s so great to “see” you in blogland again, Bethany! Hope you guys are doing well! Hugs!

      ~Abby =)

  5. Where do you get all of your creativity?! I’ve been seriously lacking lately. It turned out great!!

  6. You did good! I love insulators! I have some my Mom-in-love collected sitting in a crock. I may have to pull some out for candles now.

  7. Selene Galindo says:

    I love what you did with the glass insulators! The wood and aqua glass combo are so pretty!

  8. Melissa Kaiserman says:

    Love it! I’ve put battery-operated tea lights under mine, but I really like this upside-down version!

  9. I have had some of these sitting around as paperweights for a few years. I didn’t want to throw them out as they are so lovely but I hate clutter. Now I know what I can do with them.

  10. Hi, Abby ~ I LOVE this project! And the aqua color of the insulators is gorgeous! I always appreciate the simple elegance (and ingenuity) of your projects. I tend to go way overboard and make things too difficult, so this is a timely reminder for me. :0) Those insulators are going to look so beautiful with candles in them. Wishing you a happy, relaxing weekend!

  11. Christy@Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer says:

    See the goodness you’ve been missing out on? Ha ha you just never know what you’ll find! This is so pretty. It would fit in my house perfectly. 🙂

  12. My mom has a collection of those on her windowsill. I’ve never thought of creating with them… I’m with you not knowing it was a “thing” 🙂 I might have to swipe some of hers and get crafty!

  13. Cynthia - Clockwork Interiors says:

    So cute! I’ve been collecting these, as well, and always just put a tea light under them …. love you upside down version! Thanks for sharing!

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