2022 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Find the very best Father’s Day gift ideas in our Father’s Day Gift Guide, and get dad the present he really wants this year!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Donnie has always had this uncanny ability to predict what is going to be popular waaaaayyyyyy before it actually becomes a trend.

In college, he was the first person I knew with an iPod. (I bet that dates us some, huh? 🤣) He was into the Paleo and Keto trends before they ever became mainstream. He was digitizing our filing cabinet and going paperless more than a decade ago. I could list tons and tons of examples.

My point is, somehow this guy has an eye for cool stuff. <Insert joke about him picking me as his wife here. 😉>

Several years ago, I would have him put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide each year, sharing some of the things he’s been into recently. But we haven’t done it in a really long time. So this year, I thought it was about time to resurrect it!

Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2022

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We pulled together several items at multiple price points in four of Donnie’s favorite categories:

  • Outdoors
  • Athletics
  • Tech
  • Coffee

If you have a dad in your life that is into one or more of these areas, you may just find the perfect gift for him this list! Nearly all of these items are things that Donnie personally owns and loves or that are on his wishlist for the near future.

I hope this will be helpful for you as you set out to find the ideal gift for the awesome dad in your life!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Dad

Donnie has always been an outdoorsy guy. He worked at a salmon cannery in Alaska and hiked in Denali. He did a weeklong canoe trip in the Everglades. He’s been to a huge number of national parks, loves to fly fish, and hikes and bikes and camps and all the things!

Here are some of the outdoorsy things he’s loving lately…

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Camping Hammock– I spent a good amount of time in this exact hammock the last time we went camping, and I can vouch for the fact that it is oh-so-comfortable (and sturdy too)!

Recliner Camp Chair– Donnie not only takes this camping but moves it around our house with him so he can sit in it. 🤣 He has two super cozy chairs in his office and still sets this one up sometimes to use it in there because he loves it so much! This chair is unique because it hangs from the frame and acts like a rocking chair that even works on uneven ground. It also reclines back.

Rhodia Notebook– Donnie has had these on hand for as long as I can remember! Very rugged and masculine and perfect for making lists and plans!

Solo Stove– We got one of these for our back deck last year and use it all the time. (Friday night s’mores have become our new favorite tradition!) It is way less smelly than a traditional fire pit, and we can use it safely on our Azek deck. (We also have this mat to go under it, this stand, this mesh cover, and this shelter cover to keep it out of the elements. You can get the bundle deal here.)

Pelican Ruck Case– This compact case can’t be crushed, keeps dust away, and is waterproof up to a certain depth. Perfect for keeping items safe while adventuring! We used it last summer on a family canoe trip, and it worked like a charm.

LifeStraw Water Filter– Donnie keeps these on hand while hiking and camping so he can always have access to water that is safe to drink. It’s an inexpensive and convenient water filter.

YETI Cooler– This is Donnie’s third baby. 😉 He got one about a year ago, loves it for fishing trips, and will take any excuse to bust it out and use it for get togethers. He even decorated it with [very manly!] stickers! Donnie wanted me to mention that the size is perfect for sitting it on the front seat of the car or on the floor behind the front seats. Also, the latches are easy to operate one handed.

Water Resistant Case– Another great way to keep valuables safe while dad is on his adventures! (See… Donnie loves bins and containers just like I do. His are just a little more masculine! 🙂 )

Polarized Sunglasses– Donnie uses these when he’s fly fishing to improve visibility. (These ones are not prescription.) The polarization reduces glare and lets you see into the water, which is helpful when fishing.

Rechargeable Flashlight– Donnie swears by this little light and says that it is the absolute best value for the price!

Gift Ideas for the Athletic Dad

From running to lifting to ultimate frisbee and more, Donnie has always loved getting out and moving! And now he and Connor can train together, so it’s extra fun!

Here are some of Donnie’s favorites for the sporty dad in your life:

Foam Roller– Perfect for taking care of those muscles after athletic activity.

Massage Gun– This was actually a suggestion from my sister and her husband! They have this brand and LOVE it for soothing their muscles!

Toe Socks– These have been Donnie’s favorite running socks (and everyday socks!) for years and years! The toes keep the skin from rubbing and forming blisters while running.

Grip Strengthener– Donnie keeps one of these in his office and uses it throughout the day. Along with strengthening his grip, it’s also a great stress relief tool! He also got the boys their own grip strengtheners, and they love to use them too.

Running Shoes– This is Donnie’s favorite brand of running shoe hands down! He doesn’t buy any other brand anymore.

Ladder/Cones Set– Donnie and Connor use this set to do speed and agility workouts together!

Silicone Wedding Ring– Donnie loves this alternative to a metal wedding band because it’s flexible, durable, and easy to wear no matter what type of activity he’s doing. (I love my silicone bands too!)

Handheld Water Bottle for Running– I actually borrowed this from Donnie a few times when I was training for my half marathon, and it is a great little option for shorter runs.

Running Vest/Hydration Pack– For longer runs or hikes, Donnie likes this vest setup. It’s comfortable and can carry a decent amount of water.

TRX Training System– This is another accessory pack that Donnie and Connor use frequently for their workouts in our basement home gym. It helps with muscle building workouts, along with improving flexibility and endurance.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Techy Dad

Like most dads, Donnie loves his gadgets! Here are some favorites that make his life a little easier:

AirPods– Donnie uses these constantly! He especially likes the noise canceling feature.

AirTag– If you have a dad in your life who is always forgetting things, this little gadget can help him find his most important stuff quickly and easily!

Kindle Paperwhite– Donnie and I both love the experience of reading on a Kindle. AND we save tons of storage space in our house by using digital books rather than print. (Though admittedly, we do have our fair share of print books too!)

Air Purifier– Donnie has one of these in his office. It kicks on as needed, keeping the air fresh and clean!

Ryobi Bluetooth Radio and Speaker– We use this in our basement home gym and in Donnie’s workshop, which is also in the basement. (I have to admit, I kind of love that it coordinates with his tools. 🙂 ) If the dad in your life already uses Ryobi One+ tools, this is a perfect addition to his set.

Portable Power Charger Bank– This is a great little gadget for charging laptops, phones, and other devices on the go! (Donnie especially loves to use it in the living room because there is not an easily accessible outlet from “his” comfy chair.)

Cord Organizer– We inevitably end up with tons of extra cords and dongles to attach our devices, so we use one of these nifty little bags to keep them organized. It’s super easy to pack up and take with us anywhere.

Bluetooth Ear Protection– Donnie looks for excuses to cut the grass because he gets to wear these awesome headphones and listen to his favorite podcasts at the same time!

Smart Watch– Donnie recently got an Apple Watch, but before he got that one, he had this brand and loved it. Great for tracking steps, using as a payment solution, accessing certain apps, and more.

Smart TV Sound Bar– We have this in our living room, and it was a total game changer as far as sound quality goes! The viewing/listening experience is so much more enjoyable. And it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Gift Ideas for the Coffee-Loving Dad

If you visited our house, you would find just about every single coffee apparatus known to man. And I don’t even drink coffee. Donnie is absolutely obsessed with the stuff though, and he has tried just about every gizmo and gadget out there to try to create the best cup of joe.

Here are a few of his favorites that he highly recommends:

MCT Oil Powder– MCT oil has some unique fat burning properties and it adds a nice taste to the coffee as well.

Glass Coffee Server– This pairs with the Metal Coffee Dripper (and these filters) to create a delicious cup of coffee.

Electric Kettle– Donnie has his electric kettle hooked up to a smart outlet so he can set a timer and it has hot water ready for him right when gets up in the morning!

YETI Tumbler– When Donnie is taking his coffee to go, this is his mug of choice.

YETI Rambler Mug– And when he’s drinking his coffee around the house, this mug is the winner!

Handheld Frother– This is great for mixing the MCT oil or creamer into coffee.

French Press– Donnie went through a coffee phase where nothing but French press would do. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth the wait!

Coffee Mill– And if you’re going to use the French press, you’re going to want this mill to grind your coffee beans to perfection!

Nespresso Machine– We had this machine in our hotel room on vacation a few years back, and the very first thing Donnie did when we got home (and I mean the very same day) was go to the store and hunt down our own Nespresso machine! He loves the taste of the coffee it provides, and they even provide a bag so you can recycle the pods and be kind to the environment!

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I hope this helps if you were searching for ideas for that special dad in your life! We are so blessed to have them and can’t wait to give them their special day of celebration in June!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.