5 Nautical DIYs to Try This Summer {Making Home Base}

Happy Wednesday! Today I am so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite people in all of blogland: Chelsea from Making Home Base! I stumbled upon Chelsea’s blog waaaaaaaayyyy at the beginning of my blogging career, and I have been a fan ever since! You can imagine my excitement, then, when Chelsea and I got to meet and hang out in person at the Haven conference a few weeks ago– so much fun!

Chelsea and Abby at Haven

Since Chelsea’s husband is a sailor, it only seems appropriate that she is sharing some nautical DIYs with you today! Take a peek…


Hi there! I’m Chelsea!

guest postI’m a stay a home mama and military wife. I spend most of my days playing tea party and dress up but when I get the opportunity I love to work on DIY and home decor projects. We live in a tiny little house in military base housing in beautiful sunny San Diego. After moving five times in six years I’m finally embracing life (and decorating) as a renter! I blog about this and more at Making Home Base.

I’ve been a follower of Abby’s blog for a long time now and I’m so happy to call her a friend. We recently met at Haven Conference and she is just as lovely in person as she is here on the blog!

I’m so excited to be here today sharing a bit of my decorating personality. If you were to come to my home you would see bits of nautical decor all over. I love beach inspired design, rustic, weathered wood, and the class blue and white color combo. It makes me think of summer all year long and who doesn’t just LOVE summer? Especially at the beach!

5 nautical diys to try this summer

I thought it would be fun to share my FIVE favorite nautical projects that YOU can DIY this summer!

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

5 minute Summer Garland

DIY Nautical Coasters Making Home Base5

Nautical Coasters

DIY Wall Shelving with Rustic Details

Rope Shelves

DIY Nautical Beverage Tray_edited-1

Nautical Beverage Tray

Nautical Inspired Sisal Rope Home Decor

Sisal Rope Wrapped Mirror

Nautical Inspired Sisal Rope Home Decor

For even more nautical ideas be sure click over and see these awesome Sisal Rope Projects.

See I told you, I love all things nautical! Are we kindred spirits? Can you see any of these nautical projects in your home this summer?

Stop by my blog, Making Home Base, for even more (yes MORE) nautical ideas, tips and tricks for decorating a rental, and more.

I would love to get to know you better. If you are an Instagram addict like me I’d love to connect with you. And of course I’m on Facebook and Pinterest as well.


Make sure you run {not walk! 😉 } over to Making Home Base to check out more of Chelsea’s awesome projects, and follow her on social media so you don’t miss any of the fun! Have a great day!

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  1. I love those coasters and the mirror. They look fabulous!

  2. Thank you so much for having, Abby! I adore you 🙂

  3. That mirror is really fantastic and it reminds me of something similar I recently saw at HomeGoods. I’m not particularly crafty but I admire anyone who is and all of their cool DIY tips and tricks. I would save so much money if I could decorate my house in things I made but unless I want my house to look like my 4-yr-old was the sole designer, I should probably stick to purchasing retail.

  4. Karen Marie Kedzuch says:

    Abby & Chelsea,
    I am so excited that you met each other at Haven. Abby get well. Chelsea Thank you for sharing your talents for a dear friend. I have been following both of you for a while.
    Thank you for your talents and encouragement.
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

  5. JaneEllen says:

    I miss Abby but it’s great to hear from you. I emailed you while back, we talked about living in San Diego. We live in western CO now tho so maybe you remember?
    I love all these beachy/nautical, jute rope diy’s.
    Few months ago we finally painted our living room and have changed so much in our living room. It’s been made into cottage mostly with sides of beach. I made all new art but used some already had. All I had to buy was the paint and new curtains that started it all. STill loving it, made such a difference to our little mfg, home. Now will work on kitchen/mudroom and our room/bathroom. That will keep me busy over the winter. After we got the l/r done and i had all the art up, etc I kinda ran out of steam for while but will be getting back into doing some projects again.
    How have you been? Was so great to see you and Abby together at Haven. I’d like to go to a blogger convention just to meet all the wonderful bloggers I read. Hoping Abby recovers well and soon and she’ll take very good care of herself. Happy summer days Good to see you.

    1. I remember, JaneEllen! Sounds like you’ve been busy! I’d love to see the work you’ve finished! Warm regards!

  6. Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says:

    I really like your homemade garland idea 🙂 and it is fun to see diy ideas for nautical stuff… it seems like it can be crazy expensive if you just go to buy it

    ps I love you hair 🙂 super cute!!

  7. Kendra @ www,joyinourhome.com says:

    These are beautiful projects, Chelsea!! Love the nautical theme!!

  8. Mandy Hank says:

    She has some adorable projects!! Love them! So glad you all got to meet 🙂

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