How to Create an Organized Hat Wall

Learn the simple way to create an organized hat wall so you can have easy access to all of your hats any time you need them!

Organized hat wall in boys' bedroom

Hats can be really tricky to organize. They’re awkwardly shaped. We accumulate a lot of them. And it’s hard to know the best way to arrange them so we can find the one we want easily.

My boys’ hat collection has grown quickly, and I didn’t have a great system in place for storing them. The boys had actually taken to throwing their hats behind the bed as their permanent storage solution because there just weren’t enough hooks!

Messy hats on a bedroom floor and on cluttered hooks

I knew there had to be a better solution, and I’m thrilled with what we came up with! Not only was their new hat wall easy to install, it keeps their baseball caps tidy and creates a fun feature wall in the boys’ shared bedroom!

Here’s how we created it…

How to Make a DIY Wall Hat Rack

A huge thanks to Duck Brand for providing the hooks for this project! This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Step 1- Gather your hat wall supplies.

Step 2- Plan and mark the layout of your hat wall display.

Before I could start hanging hooks on the wall, I had to plan out where they would go.

I was using the narrow piece of wall behind the door in my boys’ bedroom to house their hats. With the amount of space I had, I decided to create a hat wall display that was three hats across by four hats down.

I found the center of the wall and used the hats themselves to help me figure out spacing that made sense. Once I found where the top center hat would go, I marked that space and used a measuring tape and a level to mark where the hooks would hang on either side of the center hook.

planning the layout of an organized hat wall using a measuring tape

I decided to install my first row of hooks before marking any more of the design so I could hang the hats and get a super clear visual of how the spacing would look.

Step 3- Install the top row of hat hooks for wall.

The thing that made this hat wall installation so simple was these nifty EasyMounts hooks. They’re made specifically for drywall, and you don’t need any tools to install them.

Duck Brand EasyMounts J-hooks, used to create an organized hat wall

I first peeled the paper backing off of the base plate of my hook. Then siting the marks we had created for our placement, I used the built-in level on the base plate to line it up and then press it to the wall.

Attaching the J-hook base plate to the wall using the built-in level

Then I secured the base plate by pushing three pins into the holes provided on the plate, using the “magnetic helper” that comes in the package with the hook.

pushing a pin into the base plate of a j-hook to install an organized hat wall

With the base plate secure, I could simply slide the hook over the plate and it was good to go!

I then repeated the process for the hooks on either side of the center hook that I installed.

3 hooks installed to create a hat wall in a boys' bedroom

Step 4- Repeat steps 2 & 3 to create the remaining rows of hooks.

After installing the top row, I hung baseball caps on each of the hooks and used them to help me mark the spacing for the next row of hooks. I repeated steps two and three– marking the placement and installing the hooks– until I had all 12 hooks installed.

12 black j-hooks hanging on the wall in a boys' bedroom

Step 5- Hang up the hats and enjoy your newly organized hat wall!

After all of the hooks had been installed, all that was left to do was hang up the boys’ hats! For the most part, I just went with one hat per hook. But it is definitely possible to hang two hats on each hook and they will stay in place just fine.

organized hat wall in a boys' bedroom

The boys love that it’s really easy to put their hats away now. And I love that they stay neat and tidy, rather than being thrown behind the bed and on the floor!

This was a great way to utilize the otherwise unused space behind the door. (When the door is open, it stops before it hits the hats so they don’t get crushed or misshapen.) I love it when we can really make the most of our vertical space!

More Hat Wall Holder Ideas

I realize that this exact hat wall installation won’t work for everyone, so I wanted to make sure I shared a few more hat storage ideas that may be helpful.

Organized Hat Wall: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! My son owns a standard sized cowboy hat, and it hangs neatly on the j-hooks alongside the baseball caps.

We prefer to use these EasyMounts hooks to hang hats. They are simple to install and don’t require any special tools!

If you’re renting or just prefer to avoid putting holes in your wall, adhesive hooks (like Command Hooks) could help keep hats organized. Just be aware that they likely will not hold as long as hook that is secured by nails or pins.

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How to Install an Organized Hat Wall

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A huge thanks to Duck Brand for providing the hooks for this project! This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.