How to connect with other bloggers, get noticed, and build strategic relationships

Essential pages to have on your blog, site security, and blog analytics

I'm ready! Send my first lesson!


How to take pretty pictures, connect with your readers, and develop a content strategy

5 effective ways to make money blogging

How to make your site pretty, choosing a theme, the best WordPress plugins, and brainstorming post ideas

10 day email course. Over the next week and a half, you'll get an email each day that walks you through a crucial part of the blogging process in a way that is simple to understand and makes you feel confident about your new venture!

Introducing yourself to your readers and implementing a social media strategy that makes sense

Creating a list and the importance of email, my favorite email marketing service, and how to get more email subscribers

13 step-by-step video tutorials. The videos included in the course will support the daily lessons and make the entire blogging setup and launch process easy!

SEO (search engine optimization) best practices and content promotion strategies

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Many people dream of starting a blog but just don't know where to start. This course lays the exact steps for building a successful blog from day one. I can't wait to see what you create!

Expert instructor. I started my blog knowing nothing about blogging and have managed to build Just a Girl and Her Blog into a successful site that receives over a half-million views per month and is the sole income for our family.

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How to choose a blog topic, branding and domain name selection, setting up blog hosting, and writing your first post