Abby started Just a Girl and Her Blog on a whim in early 2013 and was quickly bitten by the blogging bug while sharing about organization and home decor ideas. She eventually recruited her husband Donnie to help, and together they have been able to turn their blog into a thriving business that they both work on full time.

Abby and Donnie are passionate about helping other bloggers as well, creating their eBook an course Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook, which has helped over 10,000 people start and grow their blogs to date.

  • Why having a well defined niche is so important for the success of your blog
  • A simple equation for finding your perfect niche
  • How to make a decision if you’re torn between a few different blogging topics
  • What to do when you’ve decided on the perfect blogging topic for you

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If you look around at some of the most successful blogs out there, you will find that they have done a very good job at finding their site's focus, otherwise known as their blogging niche. They've honed in on their strengths and figured out how they can use those to really help their audience, and in turn their blog has grown. 

But since everyone has different strengths, gifts, and experiences, what may be the perfect niche for one blogger may be a flop for someone else. So how do you pinpoint the blogging niche that would be perfect for you, the one that will help you grow your blog by leaps and bounds?

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Hosted by Donnie & Abby Lawson