World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies {Valentine’s Edition}

Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever eaten something that has raised the bar for your taste buds for the rest of your life? These cookies did that for me. I first tried them in elementary school when a friend’s mom made them for an event, and my taste buds have truly never been the same!

I know everyone says they have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe…but they’re lying. These are actually the best chocolate cookies you will ever taste, I promise. You can go the traditional route or you can bust out the food coloring and white chocolate chips for Valentine’s Day, but either way– they’re amazing.


These may look like your typical chocolate chip cookie ingredients, but see that little cream-colored box perched on top of the flour? That’s what takes these gems from “pretty good” to “blow-your-mind deliciousness!” Instead your typical flat, crunchy cookie, the vanilla pudding mix creates a fluffy, chewy delectable-ness that your mouth will hardly be able to handle. Be prepared.

Regular Cookies

The process is pretty standard for cookies. The biggest thing to remember is to make sure you use the right amount of flour– enough that they’ll be nice and fluffy, but not so much that they end up chalky and bland.  {How do you know when you’ve used enough flour? The dough shouldn’t stick to your hands when you are trying to roll it into a ball. :)}


Have I convinced you yet?! By now I’m sure you’re dying to try the recipe, so without further ado…


Do you have a recipe that you’re famous for? What ingredient makes the difference for you?

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  1. Sara says

    I just made these for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (tomorrow). They are really good for a more “puffy” type cookie! My husband and I have polished off 9 of the first dozen :) Thanks for the recipe. By the way… I didn’t think the pan needed to be greased with two sticks of butter and it held true for me. My cookies didn’t stick. Either way it works! :)

    • says

      Yay! Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!! Thanks for the tip with the greasing! I am what you would call an obsessive over-greaser. I grease even when the recipe specifically says “ungreased pan” bc I’m so paranoid that things will stick, lol. So glad to know that these cookies won’t, though! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Sara!

      ~Abby =)


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